I’m Pleased To say

That the first walk after the attack went surprisingly well! I had my sister go with me for moral support and company. She did alert me to a couple of dogs, but they were both on leads and away from us. There was also a little dog behind a gate but the gate wasn’t open. I was expecting alot of issues, but we had none at all. I think though that i’ll have someone with me up until Monday at least.

A GDMI is coming out on Tuesday just to make sure we’re all cool and to get the incident number they will need when the police take the statement. This is because they keep a record of dog attacks.

I was very pleased with today.

The latest on the investigation is that apparently a local woman who works in our spar, well her son said that he witnessed the attack. He said that it was deffinetly a staffy, and that the owner did not pull it off or come over to me. He is not willing to come forward though which is a bit of a shame. The police are also wanting to issue a statement to the local papers, just to raise awareness of the issue I think, and so that it doesn’t happen again.

My friend says they are being a bit overkill, but I would rather have that so that it didn’t happen again, and that it didn’t happen to anyone else!

I hope to god that when I go solo again that nothing horrible will happen.

Also-I think this is the best news of all-when I was coming home from having been out with my dad, a woman stopped us and said that the dog warden had taken the dog! So happy happy days! It’ll probably not be so good for the dog, but the owner shouldn’t have the dog acting like that! I thought at first that when the woman was talking she was referring to
That stray dog
that was bothering us roughly a month ago on our walk, but my dad said that that didn’t attack us. She then said that it was a staffy so then I knew that it was the dog on Monday.

That at least makes me a bit more happier. I hope that nothing like that ever happens again!

Tomorrow though should be a happier entry, before I tell you any more information about the attack. It’ll be something where I don’t have to think about horrible dogs for a while at least. I’ll give you a clew though-it involves clowns! That’s all you’re getting for now lol. Check tomorrow to see what i’m on about! I just think we need a bit of a break from dogs for a day anyway.

3 Comments on “I’m Pleased To say”

  1. I don't think it's over kill at all. After what happened to you, I went online and did some digging to see how common guide dog attacks are in the Uk…it's staggeringly high. I was shocked. It made me a bit nervous to move to Scotland, but, oh well. Such is life. I'm sure attacks on guide dogs is quite high here, but maybe we don't keep as rigorous of a record of it.I also wanted to tell you that I found a case in Northern Ireland where a man's guide dog was attacked and a judge ruled it as an attack on guide dog's handler. The vicious dog's owner was charged quite a hefty fine and was banned from ever owning dogs again. I'm not sure where you are in Ireland, but I really hope something comes of it.Clowns? LOL

  2. Jen says:

    That's a relief they've got the dog. Pity the boy wouldn't come forward, but at least they have a witness.Glad the walk went well today.

  3. Torie says:

    Jess I read that apparently more than 3 guide dogs are attacked in the UK every month. It's dispickabal. I'm from Northern ireland. I deffinetly think that nobody should have to go through such a thing. I know me and Ushi are fine, but that could have been a hell of alot worse. I was beginning to wonder if i had over reacted and thought that maybe they were playing. But then I remind myself that if it was "playing", we wouldn't have been shaking so much, and there wouldn't have been so much growling! So I feel I did the right thing really. Plus it's three days of not being able to go out because of lack of confidence.Thanks for supporting me. I am so glad they have got the dog though. I just hope that the papers don't say that Ushi attacked another dog. I doubt they will though.Take care, xxx.

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