The "Guide Dogs Gals" Pub Quizz

Just before our last fund raising meeting, my rehab worker forwarded all te branch members an email from one of our admin team who is running the
Belfast City Marathon
At the start of May. To help them raise the money needed, our team are holding a pub quizz up in Belfast. My rehab worker says that I could probably go, as it would be just sitting around really. Here is the info from our teams
Facebook Page

Time: 07 April from 19:30 to 22:30
Location: Kings Head, Belfast

We are holding a pub quiz at the Kings Head (opposite Kings Hall in Belfast) on 7th April 2011 to raise money for the Guide Dogs Gals marathon team effort in May. Entry will be £20 per team and teams can have up to a max of 6 people each. To enter a team please contact me (Ally) at with your details and the total people in your team so we have an idea of numbers! Or phone the office on 0845 3727 402 for more information. Thanks :0)

I am still deciding whether to take Ushi or not. I’m thinking I might though as it will get her used to new experiences and that. Plus that would be leaving her for like 5 hours if i didn’t take her! I think she would enjoy going, and it means then that she will be used to that kind of environment. We will be in a room of our own, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I’m just a little worried about her spending. I mean usually she is spent at about 9:30, but if she isn’t spent for an hour later will she be alright? Obviously I will give her an opportunity before I go, when we get there, probably during it if we have a break, before we go home, and once again when we get home. Should I give her more opportunities to go? Should I even take her at all? Decisions decisions. I was even thinking I could even get her to lie down in the car?

Is there anything I should bring with me? I’m bringing her water bowl but should I bring anything else?

Normally she is alright when she has to lie down somewhere, although after about an hour she will get bored and stand up a bit, but I can usually get her back into a down again.

So any thoughts? Thanks! I’m sure it will go alright though!


4 Comments on “The "Guide Dogs Gals" Pub Quizz”

  1. Depending on how long you're going or you may want to pack her dinner and give it to her.It sounds like you are relieving her enough. If you are worried about her peeing, but don't want her to get dehydrated, feed her ice cubes every once in a while instead of giving her water. It acts as a non-fat treat and keeps her hydrated. Guide dogs should be fine with busy/noisy places like that, but if you are worried about it, ask her trainer; maybe they do stuff differently there than we do here.Leaving her for five hours isn't so bad. Could you have someone relieve her while you are gone? Again, if you are concerned ask her trainer.When I had Jetta she did pretty much everything with me:whale watching, climbing ancient Greek ruins, campfires, pub jeopardy…but it's up to you and what what you think is good for her.

  2. Jen says:

    What Jes has already said.If I was you, I'd get her familiar with as many new places and situations as possible as soon as possible.Most dogs will hold on for a couple of hours past when they need too, so their spending routine doesn't have to be exactly the same each time. If it did, it would be sometimes impossible to actually get work done.I think you should definitely bring her 🙂

  3. Torie says:

    I want to take her, as it would be pritty pointless if i never took her places! I will feed her before I go, as she likes to have a doze for an hour after her food. Plus they recommend that she doesn't get any exercise for an hour after food.I won't be working her, but i do think that it'll test my control of her, and it will mean that she gets used to all kinds of environments.I never thought about Ice cubes, but i wouldn't be able to keep them as ice lol in a warm pub.Usually she doesn't pee much, and sometimes she doesn't pee when i give her the opportunity and then will rush through the house cause she's dying for a pee!I will have to see if i am still going though as my rehab worker has had a bit of a family emergency. I've got a whole month yet though. If i don't go, i'm sure there will be other opportunities to take her to different places.Thanks for your suggestions so far. Xxx.

  4. Jen says:

    I'm sure they'd give you ice in the pub if it was warm and you needed it.Also remember that her puppywalker would have taken her to lots and lots of busy places, so she will already be familiar with a lot of it already.

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