Ushi The Madam…..Again

I just want some oppinions on a little something.

Since around Wednesday or Thursday I started doing two walks twice a day again, which I mentioned in yesterdays
I am doing the two walks again a day because frankly there is no excuse now, and I don’t really want her weight to keep going up.

Well she has started to dig again in the garden. I thought that it was maybe because mum had filled in the wholes where she had dug a few months ago (she had stopped for about 5 months) with soil, but i’ve noticed little changes with her working too. They’re not really massive changes, just her being sluggish (not her fault though), sniffing more, and just missing some of her kerbs. They aren’t massive kerbs, and I always re work a kerb that she has missed, but she never used to do it. She is also wanting to play a bit more, which I have been doing just to see if that helps. Most of the time she is grand on our walks, but now she’s just being a bit more of a minx. It’s only ocasionally too that she is acting up.

I’m kicking around a few ideas of what could be causing this.

1. She is bored of our routes and wants to spice things up a bit? (we haven’t really learnt anything knew in a while).
2. The heat is just getting to her and making her feel slightly irritated and not wanting to work? (She seems fine and her tail wags when she is working so not sure if it is that, and I don’t know how you would tell if a dog was irritated).
3. She needs a good free run? (I haven’t given her one in about 2 weeks as I feel it is just too hot. We are going to take her for a good one tomorrow early in the morning to see if that helps).
4. Could the two walks be giving her more energy? (I doubt it as she usually sleeps after each long walk).
5. Would the
Dog Attack
From a couple months ago finally be starting to affect her? (I hope not, and don’t think it would cause her to be a madam).
6. Could the change in weather from slightly mild to really warm be just affecting her? (I was thinking maybe she senses the air pressure changing or something).

The instructor said yesterday that we seem to be working well, so I don’t know. After me saying to myself that i’d noticed that I didn’t need to correct her much since she is now qualified 6 months!

Thanks for all your help, and I hope that you guys can help. It’s maybe just a bad week. I’ve done an obedience session to to see if that helps. I really don’t think it’s worth ringing the team about, since it’s so very minor and I can get her to stop after a correction.

I’m not too worried, I just want to know what the problem is!

9 Comments on “Ushi The Madam…..Again”

  1. Terri says:

    As they grow up their personality seems to shw more and then they go through this terrible 2 stage where they do everything you dont want them to do to test you all a little bit more to see what they can get away with. I remember Uma not coming back on a free run and jumping into peoples gardens and trying to pull me over wen she saw some one she liked the look of or generally just not listening to me. Just be a bit firmer and if she does things you dont want her to do then tell her no or re work the bits she missed.In the hotter weather they do work a bit slower as its very warm for them.

  2. Jen says:

    What Terri said :)They will always do things to test your patience. As long as you can correct her and she stops, and her work isn't affected then Its nothing to worry about.

  3. Torie, I mean this in the nicest possible way but please! Stop worrying so much! You'll be bald before your 30! The heat we're getting here isn't anything to be concerned about in my experience. I would say some of the likely reasons for this are: 1. She's a little more confident with you now and she's starting to let her mind wonder. Keep talking to her calmly while your working but as soon as she does something your not happy with make your tone forceful. If she doesn't listen to that I'd give her a check using the handle. 2. She's a little bord. I regularly notice that when dogs know somewhere very well they start to know almost too much about where your going. A few ways of fixing this so that the dog waits on your commands and doesn't take the initiative to just keep walking when it gets to the edge of the kerb is to do each turn exactly by the book. This will mean you don't just take the right, you go to the kerb then find right using the command. Likewise if going left, you'd go to the kerb then do the full left turn where the dog turns across your body. 3. I think it's very likely that the dog is loving the extra excersize. I would say this is far more likely the cause compared to anything else. Ooshy is just loving being out and about and she's a little distracted by that. Try bribing her ocasionally when she does something right. This will make sure she's still just as happy to get out of the house but she will love the extra praze for working. Doing something right could be as simple as not walking off a kerb until you tell her to go forward. Or if you need to take a step back it could be as simple as standing still while your putting on her harnis. When it comes down to it though. Dogs are very sensitive to the mood and confidence of their handler. Stay posative and assertive and it will all work out fine.

  4. Torie says:

    Thanks guys for the comments :).I have got my sister to teach me the reverse of the church route, so hopefully that'll help. I want to do it a couple of times though before attempting it alone.Terry will she stay in this stage of just being an arse? She hasn't dug touch wood in the garden since a few days ago.I have tried bringing a treat or two with me to reward her when she goes up to the kerb that she always just walks over. (I never ever let her go over it, even though most of the time it's quiet.). I'm hoping that the change in route and that might help things.If needs be I could always do an obedience session a few times a week rather than once a week just to make sure that she stays fresh and knows that I won't tollerate her sniffing loads and that. It's just minor right now, but it's still a pain!I have even got her to wait a couple of times before turning right on an up kerb for example. (I'm still doing it by the book lol, as in every turn etc).Take care, and thanks again for all your comments and suggestions!

  5. Selina Litt says:

    Adding to the other comments regarding sniffing does she sniff in the same places? I've noticed with Calvin that he has his fave sniffer spots usually a lamppost or near to where another dog lives. As you're approaching the sniff spot encourage her just before you reach it and she should continue straight on. Otherwise you could take the lead in your right hand just before so even if she tries to turn her head the smallest bit you'll feel it and can physically keep her straight.Digging wise, Calvin is a big digger, with the weather being nice we've been in the garden, so he's been doing a few busys on the grass pure luxory for him. But everytime he does a big busy he'll kick his back legs and dig a bit, I think it's an attempt to try and cover it.But overall your issues sound really minor compared to Calvin on a good day!

  6. Torie says:

    It's usually when we're navigating past a few cars that she'll have a good sniff. There is this hedge just next to our house. Of course she goes mad with it but has always done that. I tell her "over" when she does it, so usually that gets her on her way. When she sniffs other cars or lamposts, I tell her just to get on with it, and usually she won't sniff that much more on the walk.Ushi does that with her back legs after she has done a busy. Although she hasn't done it as much as before. She is a grass spender and won't spend on concrete at all. (It took her three days on class for her to actually go for me in the run).I have deliberately made a point of stopping at a kerb, and waiting for a minute. Just so that Ushi doesn't anticipate what direction we're going.Take care, and thanks! Xxx.

  7. Terri says:

    lol she'll always be a bit of one, she's a dog but they do get better as they get older! Uma likes to sniff too but i just correct her with the lead and she moves on, generally she's quite a good girl apart from her veering left all the time and her spending issues

  8. Terri says:

    Uma loves grass but i dont let her go on it, i dont have a garden so she doesnt have much choice and when were out i dont let her go on grass. I think its better to not let them go on grass as soon as they see some they want to go or maybe thats just Uma, plus if there isnt any grass about makes life very difficult

  9. Torie says:

    Ushi has never gone on Concrete. She went on class, but she prefers grass. Luckily she never really needs to go when we're out, and sometimes if we're out somewhere she likes to wait until we come home. Even if i've given her an opportunity if we're out somewhere.When she does sniff I make sure and correct her so she knows it's not on. She has even got better about missing her kerb, and over the last couple of days, i've deliberately got her to wait, which seems to have cut down on her anticipating where we're going. Xxx.

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