Ushi And The Rain

Over the last couple of days we’ve had loads and loads of rain.

Ushi never used to be a fan of rain, and would dawdle along, trying to go into every driveway until we got out of our estate. Then she would just get on with the journey. I had to allow an extra 10 minutes to our journey when it was raining, to allow for her dawdles. I could handle this. I just told her to “get on with it!” a few times in a firm voice and eventually she got the picture. That was until today.

On Monday night we were about to go on our walk, when it started to rain really heavily as well as some thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure. I spent Ushi anyway thinking that she would be grand. She came in, and I got her harnessed up. We got to the top of our path before it started to thunder. We went into get better coats, and went out again. We got to the top of the path before we had a stop and lots of trembling from Ushi. I tried to get her going again before I thought that it just wasn’t worth it. So we turned and just went back into the house. She went up stairs as normal, and her tail was wagging. She was quite alert whenever there was more thunder, but then she just went off to her bed, not bothered. She didn’t tremble for the rest of the time that there was thunder.

When we were out, I just got to the top of our path which isn’t that long, and I only tried to get her to go twice before I noticed she was trembling and took her back inside.

She was grand the rest of the night and didn’t care about the thunder outside.

When it was time for her last spend of the night, it decided to chuck it down again. Ushi just stood there, then went out to the hall and just stood there. I tried to get our pet dog to go out to see if Ushi would follow her, but she didn’t. I stood trying to persuade her, before going and getting her lead and a treat. (I don’t use the lead now for spending, and just let her go out on her own). I attached her lead, and she really dug her heels in. I had to drag her practically and actually go out with her, as well as bribe her with a treat for her to actually go out. She came back in very quickly! I wasn’t sure if she had actually done anything though, so when the rain finally stopped i let her out again to make sure she had gone.

Yesterday it was just windy really and we managed to miss the showers which was good.

Today however was a different story. We walked grand to the quilting which was today instead of the usual monday. Well she almost did. She was very distracted at one point, and I thought there was someone with a dog or something as it was that kind of distraction. I don’t know if it was a dog or if it was just her. Then just as we were about to head into the shopping centre where I quilt, she got very bouncey, and not the “oh i’m excited about going somewhere new” kind of bounce. Then this woman was like “Hello boy”, which made her really exciteable which isn’t really like her. She will usually just wag her tail, but this was like she used to do in the early days. (She used to jump whenever someone ran up to us, for example). I just said to the woman if they could please not pet her as she was working, and the woman just walked off. (I thought that was pritty good of me cause I usually just can’t manage to say not to pet her). She was grand when we got into the shopping centre though!

On the way home it was a huge stop when we were trying to get out of the door of the shopping centre. There was nothing there, but I eventually got sighted assistance and got out of the door in the end as we had wondered on a bit as i thought maybe there was a way around the obsticle I thought was there. Then it was another stop, and after a while we got her going again. It was another stop further on down the street, and then at the point where she got distracted this morning by the possible non existent dog, she stopped dead. This was just as the heavens decided to open! As soon as the drops hit her, she kept backing up a little. I tried to even do an “sit/wait” to see if that would maybe focus her, but she would not go and hung her head and her tail was down. Being firm wasn’t working, so I tried being positive and eventually she decided to go! She then wouldn’t go forward if we had to cross roads after cars had driven past. I had to step out in the road when it was quiet to get her gonig, but she was going to stop again in the middle of the road, but I just got on to her and she kept going. It seemed to be when the cars sprayed the water they had driven through all over the road she was reluctant to move.

She has never done this before, and usually once I get her going she will keep going. But today was the worst she has been. (There wasn’t even any thunder).

So I don’t know what’s up. I think she doesn’t like water on her paws. Well I would presume not as she will do anything in her power not to walk through puddles, for example.

It was bareable when she would dawdle at the start of our route, because then I knew I just had to persevere and she would eventually go. But today wasn’t good at all. This has been the heaviest rain we’ve had and that she’s been used to though. When I got her, we had one really bad day on class, and mostly it was just drizzles since then. It hasn’t chucked it down before now.

When my Guide dog mobility instructor had Ushi for her advanced training last year it was during the summer, so we didn’t have that much rain, so she wasn’t used to Ushi being so stubborn about it.

I want to know what to do about it though. I mean we can’t just not work in case it rains, or just get a taxi home when it does rain. If we’re out and we get caught in a shower, we will just have to keep going. Was I maybe not firm enough/positive enough? Is there anything I can do if she is going to be like this from now on when it rains? (It’s going to be a long frustrating summer if this is going to be what she will do when it rains heavily).

My friend suggested I should get a rain coat for her lol, but that wouldn’t protect the princess paws.

Have any of you ever had a dog who hates the rain? I think the district team won’t know anything much to do apart from maybe being more firm or positive, but knowing me she would be an angel when they came out! (She was
Last time
When I mentioned that she was stopping again).

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to get soaked when it rains, and would like to get home at some point!

7 Comments on “Ushi And The Rain”

  1. Jen says:

    Haha you've got one funny dog! Just try being really positive to keep her walking. That's all I can really think of. She'll probably get used to it soon, with the crappy weather we're having!You weren't at that audio described play in Letterkenny last night by any chance? Probably just a mad co-insidence, but they posted a review of the show in their newsletter today and they had a comment from someone called Torie, who thought it was great!There were only ten people using audio description there so there's a good chance the comment wasn't from one of them, but I just thought it was funny, if it wasn't from you!

  2. Torie says:

    Nah it wasn't from me lol. I'm not really a fan of audio description. Gives too much detail.I will try being more positive :), and yeah she's a bit weird, is my Ushi.Xxxxx

  3. Sounds like Ushi doesn't like getting rained on. Maybe the water affects her seeing or hearing.FWIW, there are boots available for dogs, though they might be more hassle than they are worth for you and Ushi both.

  4. Torie says:

    I know you can get boot thingies for dogs, but from what i've heard they are alot of hassle. The dogs don't really like wearing them. Plus i don't know her foot size!She really doesn't like the rain. For some reason my comments still aren't showing up. Xxx.

  5. Blogger had a spasm a couple days ago, no comments, comments disappearing, and we couldn't even access any Blogger blogs.That was probably at least part of your problem.

  6. Torie says:

    I had two other comments on this post but they're still not there. I found a tool to back up your blog though. Will post shortly. Xxx.

  7. Pet Taxi says:

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