A Scarey Evening

This evening was quite a scarey one to be honest.

About an hour after Ushi had eaten her food, she saw a blue bottle buzzing around. She got very very excited and started bounding about. Shortly afterwards, she started to pant like crazy and her tail wasn’t wagging. I thought that maybe she needed to go out, so took her a short walk around the estate to see if that calmed her down.

She couldn’t wait to get away! The panting did calm down a bit.

When we got home again however, she was panting away. She came upstairs, and went into the bathroom. My sister closed the door to our room while she killed the bluebottle, and Ushi started to really whine and look frantically around her. She then just sat outside the bathroom door for ages and ages. She then lay down but was still panting very hard. I tried to offer her water but she wouldn’t take any at all. I got my sister to make sure she hadn’t got stung or anything but there was no stings or anything on her and no swelling.

I phoned my dad to see what he thought. He said she would be grand and not to worry too much. About 10 minutes later, mum came up as she could hear Ushi panting above the TV downstairs. She advised me to call the vet.

Mum went to get the house phone as my mobile kept disconnecting, and Ushi went downstairs. Before that she wouldn’t move at all from the bathroom door.

While I was waiting for the vet to ring me back as the receptionist was calling him, Ushi did take a massive drink of water. I was so glad. As I was talking to the vet, the panting became quieter and quieter. Before she sounded like a train! (Usually you have to strain to hear her pant).

Once I explained to the vet what had happened, he said that because she was getting better it wasn’t really worrying him. The fact that she wanted to walk and wasn’t retching or anything and was steady on her feet was also good. He said if it was anything serious she wouldn’t be calming down. He said that she could have just got too excited and panicked a little. I was extremely relieved about that. He said just to keep an eye on her, but that what I was describing wasn’t worrying.

I thought that maybe Ushi had got a blockage because she had picked up a bit of a crisp about half an hour before the bluebottle. I also thought it was something called Rudder tail where the tail gets sprained but she was able to wag it a bit.

After I had finished talking to the vet, it was a very quiet pant. She still was looking around quite alot, but she did move about more and she even took a little dog biscuit. Mum says that if it was a blockage she would be retching and the water and that wouldn’t stay down.

She is grand now, but hasn’t come upstairs yet. She is just content to lie on the floor now downstairs.

I’ve decided that she’ll come upstairs when she’s ready, but for now she seems comfortable and much more like her wee self.

She is quite quiet in nature but earlier she seemed more subdued than usual.

I’m hoping she will come back up to the bedroom as that was where the bluebottle first was. I’m sure she’ll come up eventually.

I’m so glad that the panting has stopped. I guess i’ll never know what happened her to make her panick like that. Any of you ever experienced such a thing?

Thanks alot for any help!


6 Comments on “A Scarey Evening”

  1. Carin says:

    I would have thought bloat until she guzzled down the water. That is just weird. I wonder if she ran a little fast and gave herself a little spasm of somekind?

  2. Carin says:

    and blogger, blow me. Saying I'm signed in but not but yup but not is just not good. 3 tries it took to get that sucker up there.

  3. I would have thought bloat as well, but maybe it was a muscle spasm of some sort. That said, Glacier was more than willing to drink water when he was experiencing bloat before-very scary. Maybe after she eats keep her calm for at least two hours just in case she was experiencing the beginning stages.

  4. Torie says:

    Well we were told by our organisation that we should leave our dogs for an hour after eating before exercise and two hours before and after a free run. She is normally quite a calm dog.When I felt her stomach it wasn't hard and i am always so careful about bloat.Mum says it could even have been that when she jumped for the bluebottle she maybe got some wind trapped or something.It was quite worrying really.I'm thinking it was more the bluebottle as when we went for the walk she couldn't wait to get away, and she didn't come upstairs all night last night. Normally she'll stay down but at about 11 o'clock she'll come up for her bed. When I went to check on her last night she was curled up asleep most of the time. I was up every couple of hours making sure she was alright.When I touched her back legs they kind of shook a wee bit. Plus she was looking around alot afterwards and was quite hyper alert.She came up this morning when I blew the whistle for her food though, and she was a bit stubborn this morning about going upstairs which sometimes happens if she is interested in what's happening downstairs, but I put her lead on and she came up and went on to her bed as usual after eating her breakfast.She is very tired though today. I suppose that's to be expected after such alot of panting!She is just lying beside my chair now.A much happier girl!Thanks for all the comments so far. I hope it doesn't happen again. We have put up fly strips above the window up here so that if a bluebottle comes in, it'll be atracted to whatever lives on the fly strip. So hopefully that helps.Take care, xxx.

  5. Carin says:

    Sounds like you have to send a spammer down the hole.

  6. Torie says:

    I think there are two lol. Thought that blogger blocked spammers. Xxx.

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