A Day In Dublin

We decided last week that me, dad, my sister, my little brother and Ushi would head down to Dublin sometime this week.

We decided to go Today (Monday). The only thing was that if we booked it online, we had to book it three days in advance.

So after alot of panicking in case the vouture that we would have to present to get our tickets didn’t arrive, we were off today.

We all rose at 5 o’clock this morning. (Unfortunately)! I got Ushi fed and watered whilst trying to convince myself that agreeing to get up this early was a good thing.

Dad came to collect us at about 6 o’clock as our train was at 7 up to Belfast, then we would get the enterprise train at 8. (The train station is only about 20 minutes walk away but I like to spend Ushi before getting on, and we all like to be early).

So after determining that Ushi didn’t need to spend (I give her an opportunity just before we leave the house but if we’re going on a train I like to be sure and give her another one), we waited for about 20 minutes for the train up to Belfast.

When we got up to Belfast, we waited around for a while until dad got our tickets, and we were off.

First of all, let me say that the enterprise is totally awesome! It is more like a big bus than a train! It has nice carpeted floors, and loads and loads of room for doggies. So much room, in fact, that whilst Ushi was asleep, she managed to slide herself right under the seat in front of us where my sister and wee brother were sitting. My sister had to take her lead and then get up when we were getting off before giving me the lead again. (My girl likes to sprawl when she’s sleeping, and boy does she know how to take up as much room as possible just by stretching out!).

It was a very nice, quiet ride down to Connily which was where the enterprise stopped in Dublin. I was a little disappointed that the stops weren’t announced, but there were only about 4 or 5 so i’m sure if you memorised them you’d be able to get off at the right stop.

Once we got to Dublin our first stop was to find some grass, as we’d been travelling for just under three hours, so I think a pee was in order!

After that was taken care of, we headed off to see what we could find. We arrived first on O’connel street, I think it was, but didn’t find much. We did discover however some awesome tactile paving at nearly every crossing, and a different way in which to indicate that there is a crossing. (Up here in the north anyway, our tactile paving is very poor, with some of it not even coming up to the edge of the kerbs). But it was at nearly every crossing in Dublin, and instead of the crossings beeping like they do here to indicate when the light has changed, these crossings beeped every few seconds to indicated to wait, then they made a weird noise to indicate it was safe to cross. Pritty neat.

We did find some shops to visit, but mainly Dublin, or what we saw of it is mainly for clothes shopping. That is just my oppinion, however.

There were also some trams that we saw going through the city. We didn’t go on them, but they sounded cool.

One of the shops we went into, called Ferbidden Plannet International, had a guide dogs collection box, and had dressed it up with a cape lol.

My sister pointed out another guide dog owner when we were in Dublin. She was like “Do you know many guide dog owners from here?”. I said I knew a few but didn’t mention any names. So if you were around O’connel street with your guide dog, and your guide dog got distracted, it was me with my guide dog, sorry.

Maybe if we’d known where to go while we were there we might have found stuff to do, but we were rather disappointed. Maybe we were expecting too much though.

It was however a beautiful gorgious day. A bit too warm for Ushi though.

And how was she? Well she was a total star! She walked nicely and didn’t pull or anything. I kept her harness on but hadn’t the handle up. She drunk for Ireland though, but I can’t say I blame her. She busied on time too whenever we gave her the opportunity, and we had no presents which she had left before a couple of times, (thankfully outside but just getting caught short). She was a total star, and coped with all the hussle and bussle plus all the different sounds and smells. She has been asleep since we got home practically. I’m sure she’ll sleep tonight!

I wouldn’t fancy visiting Dublin alot, as it reminded me of the Victoria Square shopping centre in Belfast. For anyone who hasn’t been there it’s really really busy and loud. This was kind of what Dublin seemed to be like, but that could have been cause it was a Monday or that i’m not used to so much happening at once.

I’m glad we went down though, and I would love if our ordinary trains were like the Enterprise!

We’re hopefully off to Scotland on Friday, so I’ll let you know how that goes. (Another 5 o’clock start though).

2 Comments on “A Day In Dublin”

  1. Jen says:

    That's Dublin for you, busy all the time. I don't think Derry and Belfast are typical cities for that reason, and probably the quietest cities I have ever been too. Still though, its good to get Ushi used to busy places.Dublin has everything you could possibly want but its like anywhere, you need to know where your going and where things are or you'd just be walking around all day looking at shops.I wonder what guide dog owner it was haha.

  2. Torie says:

    Sister said that it was a woman. It could have been anyone lol. Ushi didn't bother and just walked on as if to say "Guide dog? what guide dog!".Out of Belfast and Derry i prefer Derry. It's never that busy whereas belfast can be chocka sometimes.I'd say Dublin is like anywhere though-you would get used to it if you had to.I didn't work her at all, but just had her harness on her back and held onto dad. But she was a total star, even if she did totally sprawl out on the enterprise. It was so funny, I felt her move forward, then sis said that she couldn't get back out! So she took the lead then handed it to me once I got up to get off. I'm sure Ushi wondered what the crack was lol.Xxx.

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