Destination, Furmination!

I couldn’t think of a better title lol.

About a month ago, my friend was telling me about a tool called a Furminator for helping to groom a dog. It sounded interesting, but was rather expensive.

I bit the bullet and decided to buy one. (They are from £11 I think on
But something like £50 if I baught it directly from the Furminator company, whic is a bit expensive

I heard from some guide dog owners that some dogs didn’t like the Furminator, but thought i’d try it out anyway. I wasn’t sure whether to get the medium or large, but went for the
Furminator Dog De Shedding Tool Medium

When it came, i wasn’t sure what to think. It basically is a bit bigger and wider than a razor you would use for shaving. It has a rubber handle, and a guard on the comb part. The comb part is basically like a blade. I don’t think it is though, as it feels like a comb with the teeth really really small and close together. It also comes with instructions.

Before using it, I let Ushi sniff it with the guard on. This was because i wanted to make it as positive as possible for her, and since it was a new tool I wanted her to know what it was before using it. I then practiced how to hold it and used it on her back still with the guard on. The last thing I wanted to do was to hurt her.

I went through our normal grooming routine at first, which is to check her over physically to make sure there are no abnormal smells or anything. I then used the
Zoom Groom
Which is shaped kind of like a fish and has little rubber spikes (they don’t hurt the dog as they are rubber). This gives the dog kind of like a massage while removing the dead hair.

I then used the Furminator. I started at Ushi’s head, and did a long gentle stroke down her back a couple of times. I did her sides too but didn’t spend as much time on them. (She saw a fly unfortunately when I was using it, so got a wee bit panty but let me use it on her. I tried it again on Saturday night, and she didn’t mind it at all.).

After using the Furminator, I used a comb, a dandy brush, and finally polished her coat off with a wet Shammy.

I didn’t think much came off the Furminator at first, but then again, I thought about my comb too. I think there is quite alot that does come off though as when I wasn’t using it there were big clumps coming out. (Ushi is a short haired dog anyway).

I wouldn’t use the Furminator more than once or twice a month I’d say using it more than that could probably not be good for the coat. At the start, I was very hesitant to use it, but now I just use it like i’d use my comb. You use it like you would use a safety razor for shaving, only in long strokes down the body going the way the hair grows. I wouldn’t use it on the tale area though or the legs.

The Furminator is very easy to clean-just run it under the tap when washing your other grooming tools. (I use a bowl of water with baby shampoo in it to wash my brushes).

I am so glad I decided to get one. They seem so useful, and seem to make the coat more softer than usual! I continue to groom throughout the month with my regular tools though.

I didn’t mean for this to sound like a review lol, but i suppose that’s what it is.

I hope you have enjoyed it!


5 Comments on “Destination, Furmination!”

  1. I love this tool as well. It is pricey for sure, but worth it. You could use it as often as you want as it will not damage the coat. The only thing to be aware of is not to push down on it as it would knick the skin and cause lesions. Depending on how thick your dog's tail fur is, it would be fine on the tail as well. I use it on both Glacier's and Roscoe's tails. I love the Zoom Groom too. Good post. 🙂

  2. Torie says:

    I use it sort of like combing hair. Ushi has like a wee skirt thingie around her bum lol. She doesn't really like people touching her tale for that long though.I would like to hope that Ushi would let me know if i was doing it too hard. My sister was like "You're going far too gently!" as when i first used it i barely touched her fur lol.Take care, xxx and thanks :).

  3. Reddunappy says:

    Andis, makes a shedding tool like the Furminator. It is a whole lot less expensive!!! And for the long haired dogs it has a vibrate option (battery powered) to get through long hair and tangles.I paid $12 for mine!!! When the Furminator came out it was $50!!!! I know its come down a little, but it is still really expensive. This Andis one really sheds out our career change Lab, Dublin.

  4. Jen says:

    Yay, you finally tried it and now know what its like.

  5. Torie says:

    I got my Furminator from £11 I think. It was £50 if I had baught it directly.I'm so glad I finally bit the bullet. Brushing normally is so much quicker too after furmination. Xxx.

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