Good Enough For A Meal?

About a week ago, I ordered Ushi a
Kong Wobbler
From Amazon. A Kong Wobbler is a plastic kong, but has sand or something in the bottom to stop it falling over. It’s sort of like a
If you remember them. (They were cool though). The dog has to wobble it about so that the food comes out a little whole in the side of it. It keeps their mind active whilst being fun.

I ordered a large Wobbler thinking it wouldn’t be that big. It was massive! The first time I put a little bit of her food in it, she whined at it and would only play with it when I sat on the floor with it. Now though she will carry it around and will play with it a little more, but she will still whine! (This doesn’t surprise me since she’ll do it at carrots, dental sticks, and sometimes ice cubes). I have know idea why she does it but i think it’s just part of her wee personality. When she does play with it though it takes her quite a while to get the food out, and it sounds like she’s going mad with it.

I have heard though that you can put a dogs meal into it. I would rather do this, since i am still wanting to get Ushi’s
Extra Weight off
her. (That’s under the heading “Side note” in that post).

I would be interested in a few things:

• Would the Kong Wobbler make Ushi develop a twisted stomach? (I would never forgive myself). She’s not a gulper, but whilst she doesn’t run around with the wobbler, she’ll wibble it and attack it.
• Since it takes her quite a while to get the little out of the wobbler that I put in would it be worth her having a full meal in it and could it cause some problems if she was wobbling it? (If i was going to give her a meal, I would probably give her dinner since at breakfast time I practically have to drag her off her bed).
• Would she get frustrated and just not eat?
• Would she spend afterwards?
• Should I just use it ocasionally since she is grand eating out of her bowl?

Thanks for any feedback. I’m just looking for some feedback from people who might know about a Wobbler or who have used one.

Thanks alot!

I managed to screw up this post lol and remove all my links, but lets hope they’re still there when I post! I think I fixed it anyway.

5 Comments on “Good Enough For A Meal?”

  1. L^2 says:

    Oh, Torie, you worry too much! Personally, I wouldn't worry about her whining when she plays with it. It could just be that she's excited to get to the food. As she plays with the toy more often she she will become better at getting the food out. I know people who give their dogs the Wobbler every day for a meal, but I don't do that with Jack. I use it more as a special treat – that way it doesn't become boring like his regular bowl. On days when we don't get as much exercise, I'll give him one of his meals in the Wobbler for a fun change, but not every day and not every meal. The exercise the Wobbler provides is much more of a mental challenge than a physical one. I'm not sure it would really help Ushi to lose weight, since the amount of moving around she does with it probably isn't anywhere near what she would be doing out on a walk with you or free run. But on days when you maybe can't get out for a walk, or don't get to walk as far as you normally would, the Wobbler would be a good way to provide some mental stimulation for her. Also, because it doesn't really provide physical exercise, it shouldn't cause a twisted stomach. The Wobbler is designed to be a challenge for the dog – It's supposed to take them a while to get the food out. It is meant to slow down their eating, since they don't have full access to the food immediately like they do with a bowl. Slower eating actually helps prevent twisted stomach (a.k.a. bloat). Do you normally take her out to spend after she's done eating? If so, using the wobbler shouldn't affect that. However, if you don't usually take her out to spend after meals, it shouldn't really affect her spending anyway, since its just like playtime with food. If you think she would get frustrated, you don't have to put her entire meal portion in the Wobbler. You could give her half of her portion in her bowl and then put the other half in the Wobbler for her to have some fun with after she empties the bowl. I hope that helps. Jack loves his Wobbler, and I hope Ushi will too.

  2. Torie says:

    When she whines it's like "whine whine whine whiiiiiiiiiiin'n'n'nn'n'n'ne". I think it's kind of funny lol.What i meant about the weight thing was I don't really want her to gain any more, so rather than taking extra food out she would get her normal amount.I was thinking if she had done a really good job or something giving her that.I only put a few pieces in tonight, and she took about an hour and a half. Right enough though she did get bored and didn't bother with it for a while so maybe it took her slightly less time.I do usually spend after meals yep.That's a great idea for the meal thing. At least that way she would still get her full meal. I could even wait for about half an hour before giving her the other half.She'll stick her bum in the air, wobble it then walk about, then pounce on it.Thanks for the suggestions. I suppose her stomach wouldn't twist no matter how excited she got cause there is only like two or three pieces that come out at a time. Xxx and thanks :).

  3. L^2 pretty much said anything I would have said. There are bowls that you can get if you are worried about her eating too fast, but I'm not even sure that is what you were asking. Roscoe uses one because he sucks his food up way too fast otherwise. And L^2 is right-the Kong Wobbler isn't going to give her enough exercise to help her lose weight. Walking more, a free run, reducing her portions/intake of treats and/or food or putting her on a food with a lower fat content will help with weight control.

  4. Jen says:

    I agree with l2 and Jes. I've never used one of these before, but always meant to get one, or a buster cube (which is the same sort of idea) for Dougal. He needs the mental exercise more than OJ does.

  5. Torie says:

    I just don't want her gaining any more, that's all.Thankfully Ushi doesn't gulp her food, she'll eat it just at a nice pace. It still disappears quite fast, but once I set the bowl down and blow the whistle three times, she'll wait until i've put the whistle away and sat down before she even attempts to eat. Unless she is really hungry, but thankfully she hasn't rushed her food yet. (Touch wood!).Thanks again for the suggestions. I'm just paranoid that's all.Take care, xxx.

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