This Time Last Year…Walking With That Wide Harness

So here we are again with another recap post.
Last Time
I told you about meeting Ushi for the first time. This walk we did was with the wider harness I mentioned in my last entry.

I remember being so worried about that
I was worried in case I wouldn’t bond with the dog, that I didn’t have enough routes, what would happen if I gave the wrong command, would I remember everything, and all sorts of other wild ideas. I now know that I was just worrying, and on class the instructors talked me through everything.

It’s not really essential that you do know loads of routes, as the instructors you have on class will come out to teach you routes as each route you learn will be so different with a dog.

I really can’t believe how worried I was. I even worried in case the instructors coming out with the wider harness was a bad thing!

I still thought i would be waiting for quite a while before I got matched, and even asked when more dogs were coming over. (Was I desperate much?).

It really amazes me every time I think about this past year. It’s been a learning kerve, but a worthwhile one as I hope you’ll discover in these next few entries.

That day of that walk, the instructors were parked outside the house for quite a while. They were probably looking at Ushi being a match for me and working it out on paper if she was. (They take all your details throughout the application process). I didn’t know that then, but it was a coincidence that a couple days later I was matched and on a matching visit!

That will be the next thing I talk about and what it was like for me. I still don’t really believe that it has been a year already nearly.

I love having a blog though to look back and celebrate with others. Who knows, maybe these entries are helping someone who is maybe on the start of their guide dog journey, or maybe who are just going through some frustrations or whatever. I’ll never really know.

I hope these posts aren’t in too much detail, but as you have probably gathered, I like to write looong posts!

Thursday will be the matching visit.

Oh and on a side note, i’ll try and get my sister to rename my
From my last post. That too will be a separate post so stay tuned for that :).


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