This Time Last Year…Settling In

I’ve got two posts for you today. I was going to post them both separately, but figured they would probably be better in one post. This will prob be a long one though.

First of all, we have

This Post

Where the nerves/worrying/excitement kicked in all at once. I was so worried in case i didn’t remember anything. Plus i was worrying in case it wasn’t the right thing for me. I found it hard to sleep that night as i’d written that post before i went to bed.

My next post

Was written later that day, after I had settled in. I remember how worried i still was, and how i was worried when i was told that i needed to not use my cane as we wouldn’t be using it with our dogs. (I only used it for going to and from the restaurants during class as that was alright).

During dinner that night, my instructor who stayed the first night said that i could have Ushi for about half an hour after I ate. (The instructors usually stay the first couple of nights on class just to make sure we’re all comfy). My instructor had braught ushi in, and then left the room. Little Ushi started to pace and whine before lying under one of the tables we had in our rooms. I didn’t want to stand on Ushi, so crawled around the floor looking for her! She actually spent most of her down time under that table lol. I phoned mum and said i couldn’t find Ushi because she was under the table and i didn’t know where she was!

I thought it was nice that at dinner the waitor put a candle in my dessert as they had found out it was my birthday!

Tomorrow we met the dogs again, and the real work begun! Looking back on these entries is so good. What would we do without blogs!

I’ll write about my birthday soon. Sorry this is so long!


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