This Time Last Year…The First Propper Harness Walk

I decided to accompany my sister who was taking my little 8 year old brother to school this morning. I didn’t know the route so just got my sister to direct me. Ushi worked brilliantly considering she loves kids, and considering it was her first time going up to the school. There weren’t that many kids so it was alright. She is lying sleeping now.

Anyway… Today would have been our first

Propper harness walks

With our dogs since the matching visit. I remember panicking that morning because i forgot to add water to Ushi’s morning feed. Thankfully I discovered she didn’t need the water in her food. In fact now I don’t even put water in her food because around christmas time I put too much water in i think and she wouldn’t eat it. She has her water beside her though.

In this entry I explain what an “Obedience session” is. I still do this about once or twice a week just to keep the respect up. I’ll usually do it if she is being a bit of a madam with her work. I used to do it every day but now only do it once or twice a week since we are well established now.

I remember before we did our walk we just had our harnesses while the instructor held onto the other end. I thought we needed to remember foot positions and stuff but didn’t realise we would learn all that on class! I found it so hard not to get ahead of myself lol.

On that first harness walk i kept lagging behind lol as i thought she wouldn’t stop! My instructor kept telling me to stand up beside her lol.

We only did one walk that day though.

Before we went out on our walk, another dog had wondered over to where me and Ushi were standing. I automatically grabbed a lead thinking i had Ushi but i actually had the other dog! That was the only time we got our dogs mixed up lol.

Tomorrow we started grooming, as well as two walks a day. Hopefully tomorrow i’ll be as motivated to write as today!

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