This Time Last Year…It Just Made My Day

This is gonna probably be a long one again today, but i’m rather tired, so might not finish it until tomorrow. So make sure and read this post as well as tomorrows!


Just made my day

Last year when she did her first spend in the spending run for me without needing encouragement from my instructor! I didn’t care what the rest of the day held-it was a good day! I know it’s sad getting excited about poo, but she had been so stubborn about it though!

Ushi still ocasionally will still be stubborn about her spends, but thankfully she is clean on her walks. Today she just wouldn’t go for some reason, and at one point I had to kind of push her out the door. I would never do it hard at all. She kept wanting to come in, but i had to get in as quick as possible to get her to go. I had to close the door and leave her out there for a while. Thankfully she did go, and has gone ever since. I felt really guilty, but she just wouldn’t go (i’m guessing because the grass was wet). Do you think i was wrong to do this? Normally if she doesn’t need to go, i’ll just leave her and we’ll do our walk (I’ll bring bags of course), but today she had held it for quite a time.

On to cleaner and nicer subjects.

That day last year, we worked on “rounded kerbs” which are basically kerbs with a corner. The dog indents round the corner, then when it straightens out, you get the dog up to the kerb to change your straight line as you make the decisionsas to what direction you’re going, and not the dog.

We also learnt what “T” junctions were. These are like when you cross a road and you have a kerb, and then another kerb nearly beside it. They are hard to explain.

We also had a visit from the district team manager who came just to see how things were going.

It was my first night without the instructors and i didn’t need them at all!

Today i was at another fundraising event with

The Dogs trust

Which was similar to

The bark in the park

Thing i was at a few weeks ago. Thankfully we had no problems!

I must go write the post for today as i was too tired to finish this one last night. (I had been on a night out).


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