This Time Last Year…The First Free Run

Sorry i’m so late posting this. Today just seemed to disappear.

This time last we had our first “Free run”
For the dogs
A “Free run” is where you take the dogs to a park or wood or something whre they can be off lead and harness and just be dogs. They can meet other dogs, sniff until their heart’s content, roll around and generally just be dogs. That first free run was a complete nightmare! Ushi took about 10 minutes to get into the park because she was pulling so much. I had to keep getting her to sit and wait loads. Thankfully now i have the
Which makes me excited to take Ushi on a free run as I know that she will be calm and won’t pull so that we are both ready to just enjoy relaxing while she runs around.

I still do the same things i was taught a year ago lol with her. I still have someone with me though just in case.

That was all we did. We had the rest of the day off.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!


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