This Time Last Year…Too Simple

I’m just back from another night out. Ushi was slightly more unsettled though tonight, but i think that was because she needed a pee as the taxi came early so i couldn’t give her the opportunity before i left. She did eventually settle down though.

This time last year, I
Found the tiredness
Starting to hit. I think because it had been so intense that it was all catching up on me. We got totally soaked on our morning walk, as it chucked it down. Ushi still doesn’t like the rain though, but I have to persevere with her and not let her stop too much. Easier said than done!

We also went over the “guide dog owner agreement” as it was still raining. This is what we sign when we qualify.

On the second walk of the day when it brightened up, we did crossings and slightly busier conditions, and how to accept sighted assistance. I thought it wasn’t complicated enough and requested more! Thankfully the instructors just laughed though.

So it wasn’t as busy as some of the other days.

Tomorrow i’ll write about traffic training!


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