Attacks On Guide Dogs Rising, Finds New Report

The other day while perusing the
Guide Dogs website
I came across
This article
Which says that dog attacks on guide dogs have more than doubled, with there only being three attacks every month across the UK, to there now being over 7 a month. That was over a 14 month period.

I think that more needs to be done about these attacks. They can affect guide dog owners just as much as they can affect the dog.

Guide dogs have written a standard letter encouraging microchipping for all dogs, but you can add your own
Comments and experiences
And write to your MP. I wrote to my MP, but i’m not sure if it will do much good.

These dog attacks need to stop right now. The media have been interested this week, with alot of guide dog owners here apparently doing interviews about dog attacks on radio, and a couple of news papers taking up the story too. The chief executive was on
Day break
Earlier this week, and the head of campaignes was on
BBC five live
Too. I’ve just found out on twitter that the chief executive has written
This blog
Because the issue has got such a response since Monday. I’ve even posted the orriginal link on
the Teams facebook page

While dog attacks are a horrible thing to go through, I think that the more owners who speak up about it the better. I would never wish anyone to experience one, but if you can, please write to your MP as the more people do it, the more things could change.

I’ll be sure to post any more news. Please raise the issue. Dog attacks are a serious serious matter!

I’m sorry this is so long, but i would encourage anyone to spread the word about this horrible issue. As you can probably gather from this post, it is an issue very very close to my heart!


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