This Time Last Year…"Watch"

We had a fantastic walk this morning. I was going to take Ushi up to my little brothers school as my sister is still taking him, but Ushi kept stopping on her lead. (I’m thinking she thought that she should be working it since we usually worked out of the house). So I just did another route so that my brother wouldn’t be late for school. We did another route, but because Ushi couldn’t see my sister she started whining and tried to go the way my sister was going. I got her back on track and she eventually stopped whining and looking around. She was grand for the rest of our walk. It was bin day so she had to work quite alot and did brilliantly. Normally we miss the bins but because i was up earlier they hadn’t been emptied yet.

When we were heading home one of the recycling people who empty our bottles and stuff was like “can i stroke your dog?”. I said yes if he would wait until i crossed the road as I was in the middle of the road lol.


Last year, we learnt the
Command. This is basically where if the dog brushes you against an obsticle, you tap the obsticle and say “Watch” firmly. If you can, you go back and reapproach the obsticle. Thankfully Ushi doesn’t walk me into that much, but it is still a useful command because you could be hit by the edge of a bin, or by a bush.

We also learnt what “traffic training” is. There are two types of traffic: near and far. I think the near traffic is the most dangerous but can’t remember. If a car drives out in front of you, the dog will stop until the car has gone. There is an exercise we can do to re enforce this. This is called a “near traffic response”. Basically on a quiet street, when we are waiting for it to be safe to cross, and we hear a car coming from the right, we tell the dog to go “forward” whilst we are still on the kerb and the car is on the road in front of us. Obviously the dog shouldn’t go forward, so you tell them that they are “good for waiting”. I usually do this once a week at different points, and then say to ushi once she doesn’t go forward “Good girl to wait”. Once the car has gone you can just go forward as normal if the road is clear.

The “far traffic response” is cars from the left, but this should only be used if you are in the middle of the road and you get caught out, or when an instructor is doing it like on class. You don’t do it otherwise as it could cause an accident.

It sounded pritty scarey when it was first explained, but now it’s nothing at all. I do hope i haven’t scared anyone because i explained it.

Tomorrow I can’t remember what I posted lol.

I hope you are enjoying these recaps.


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