Guide Dogs Pub Quiz

I’m just back from a pub quiz that our branch decided to organise for Guide dogs. It’s late so this probably won’t have any links because i can’t be bothered posting them.

There were 14 teams altogether i think. We were all going to just be as the branch, but alot of extra people turned up so we all were in different teams. That didn’t really make the treasurer happy, but these things change. A couple of us from the branch were in a team along with the chair person of
Angel Eyes Northern Ireland
And her family.

The teams were (Not in order):
“Wags and slags” (My team), “Faulty Headlights” (my friends team), “Scrambled egg heads” (My other friend was in that team), “Mucky pups” (Think the branch organiser was in that team), “Pampered pooches”, “Rasckle Rogues”, “101 Dalmations”, “Paws for thought”, what sounded like “Hayley”, “Knocked by a shilling” I think, “Ryans pride”, and i can’t remember the rest.

There were 10 rounds altogether. Each table had what was called the “Joker” which doubled your points if you used it before the next round. The rounds were based on a number of topics such as Pot luck, Ships, summer sports, colours, 2 music rounds, TV, a “W W” theme (we thought it was the world war but it was just “W” answers, “Famous animals”, “the 1970s”, and I can’t remember the other one. (Told you it was late and i’m tired!).

Some of the rounds weren’t really that good though, but it was all good craic.

The “wags and slags” came in with a score of 70 and a half points, and the winning team were “Paws for thought” with 99 and a half i think. They won a bottle of whine each. The losing team got 4 wooden spoons lol.

We raised £373. That was for each team (£5 per person), donation buckets along the bar, and “Card bingo” which is basically where you buy a pack of cards and if you get all your cards you win. I can’t remember what exactly what it was lol.

It was a great night, and even though some of the rounds were boring, it was still good craic. Well done to all involved!

The dogs were brilliant! I braught ushi’s nylabone in case she got bored, and she had a chew on that for a while. She was a total star! I’m off to bed now. Ushi is already there lol.


2 Comments on “Guide Dogs Pub Quiz”

  1. Jen says:

    Sounds like great fun. I love quizs even though I'm hopeless at them. The radio station had a music one tonight that I really wanted to go to, but needless to say I wasn't in the mood.Wags and slags haha brilliant. You should make that your new blog name. Bet you'd get some interesting spam comments.Yay for paws for thought winning!

  2. Torie says:

    I know i thought of you when i heard Paws for thought! Lol i'll probably get lots of spam and people might not read cause they might think it was porn!I'd never been to a quiz before but the craic is always good.Xxx.

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