This Time Last Year…A Bad Day

You are told both on class and by other guide dog owners that you will have “good days and bad days”. You just don’t know when to expect the bad ones.

This time last year was a
Horrible day
Well it started off okay, but just seemed to hit me out of nowhere. In the morning, the instructors had told us that we would have
Another free run
Later in the day after our work. I wasn’t really looking forward to that, but put it to the back of my mind, and told myself that it might not be so bad this time.

The morning went well and we learnt how to get the dog to sit or lie quietly in a coffee shop. The afternoon didn’t go so well. I got all upset because i wasn’t sure about an obsticle. It was a bus stop and it seemed massive (I could sense it before i got to it). I ended up crying because i thought it would stop me qualifying or something like that. The instructors hadn’t even noticed anyway!

I always slow Ushi down now if we are going through a tight space, as once she works out where to go, she whizzes on. So I always slow her down so that if we do get a brush by something it won’t be that major.

Thankfully the free run went brilliantly thanks to a Halty. I love my halty and never leave the house without it if we’re going for a run. It means my poor arms don’t get pulled out of their sockets!

Today we took ushi for a run. We hadn’t been in a few weeks because it had been raining, so grabbed the chance of a nice day. Ushi decided that she wasn’t going to spend at all, not even for her first spend of the day. This worried me a bit, so I just gave her plenty of opportunity but she wouldn’t even go out the back door. I thought she was a bit constipated, so asked dad if we could take her for a run to see if that loosened things up a bit. I was hoping she would go on the run as i don’t know what i would have done if she hadn’t! Thankfully she did go and she did a few so i don’t think she was constipated. She even found a puddle of water and decided to roll for a bit (She. hates. water!), so i was quite shocked when dad said she was doing it. I then put her on the lead as we were going home, and the missus decided to to roll around on her back on the grass. (She couldn’t have done this off her lead!).

Everything is working well now, and she is spending normally again with no issues. If it was that she was in need of a run, she’s got a funny way of showing it!

I’m off to write the final day of class training now as i was too tired to finish this post last night.


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