This Time Last Year…First Home Routes

My last post was the last day of “class” but here we have a couple of weeks at home afterwards to familiorise the owner and the dog with some routes at home before we can qualify. So after the weekend off, we had our
First day of home training
We just learnt a very very very basic “block” route around the estate. We basically just went round in a square. I would only do that route if the weather is really bad, or if i’m in a rush. I remember how fixated Ushi was when she saw the lion statues in one of the gardens on that route. Now she just doesn’t care. I don’t use it much though as it doesn’t really give us much stimulation, but i can add it onto a longer route. I would never have done that in the early days.

We also tried introducing Sally and Ushi again in a local park. My poor Ushi wasn’t having any of it though.

I didn’t work Ushi at all today as we are experiencing extremely bad winds. I hate working Ushi in the wind as it is so hard to hear traffic.

Tomorrow i’ll write more of the home training adventure. I promise that soon i’ll write something different!

Thanks all for reading.


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