This Time Last Year…Nothing Strange

This time last year was just
Going over
What we had done the previous two days, as well as learning our “block route” the other direction. It was a very quiet day.

We had also discussed the fact that i wanted a land mark for when we got to the door of the house, just in case Ushi decided not to find it. Mum even baught wind chimes the next day and ushi decided to find the door and had no problems whatsoever! She will very very ocasionally not find it, but 99 % of the time she knows exactly where it is. I still say to her “find home” when we are on our street though.

Ushi is fast asleep now since we’ve just been out for our first walk of the day.

I might write another blog post later as I haven’t updated you all on how my little brother is doing. I keep meaning to but somehow can’t find the time.


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