This Time Last Year…Mistakes Will Happen

Last year, I had
A couple of bad walks
Well in my oppinion I thought they were bad. I remember my instructor saying that you don’t have “bad walks”, but instead you have bad parts of walks. If you get to your destination and back safely then that is good.

The reason why i thought the walks were bad last year was because I kept making little mistakes. They were nothing major, just little things like going to the kerb too early or that. I was quite hard on myself though then. I still am to an extent, but not as bad as I was.

I was also asked what routes I would like to learn. I have to say this was hard for me because I never went anywhere on my own. We eventually settled on learning a route to a corner shop. I also wanted to learn a route to a coffee shop but we decided we would just focus on the three routes i was learning.

Today we had an excellent walk particularly on the way back. We were in town, and we had some sniffing and a cat distraction on the way there, but on the way back she worked almost almost perfectly with only a small correction. I love when she works well! And thankfully I didn’t get any weirdos like

I must go now and play with the girl. More tomorrow.


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