This Time Last Year…No Mistakes

Last year we were able to
Iron out the mistakes
I had made the previous day. We just concintrated on the new route as well as the “Church route”.

All those mistakes i made in the early days now seem so simple but at the time i thought they were really horrible.

There won’t be much to write about during the next couple of days as we just kept working out the kinks. I’ll keep writing each day though just to finish it.

Unfortunately last night I was looking for something on Youtube, and came across part of a documentary that the
Did on dog fighting. I only watched one part of it and it hadn’t actually shown much, but i found it really disturbing. Mainly because it was all about kids being attacked as well as other dogs. I’m glad i didn’t watch any more as it wasn’t pleasant at all. I think the documentary was in 2009 or something. It still had me thinking about it today.

I’ll write tomorrows entry tomorrow. I need to think about what i’m writing for this Assistance carnival, but don’t have a clue yet. I might do something similar to my qualification entry i’ll be writing but I haven’t decided yet. You can find out more about the carnival
And the deadline is the 23rd October.


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