This Time Last Year…In The "Guiding road"

This time last year
Was another good day
Apart from when i happened to drift into the “Guiding road” at one point. (The “guiding road” is the traffic that flows along beside you. It is only on the left or right. If you drift into the road, you then end up going basically diagonally across the road which is just not safe.

I did that for a few days, and thought i’d never qualify because of it.

Ushi got really distracted at one point too when she saw the instructors on the walk.

Today thankfully we didn’t have any cars that scared her so thankfully it was just a one off which was good.

I promise i’ve only got a few days left of my recaps then they won’t be as regular.

In tomorrows entry, they leave the harness at my door!


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