This Time Last Year…The Mysterious Kerb

This time last year, I discovered
A misterious kerb
On one of our routes. One of our routes has a bit that sort of curves round like a C shape. There is another kerb though there but we never go up onto it apart from that one day!

I also went across the guiding road again which wasn’t good. I’m so glad that i rarely do that now.

Last year we also went through what is called the “guide dog owner report” which is basically something that you have to fill in every month for your first 6 months after qualification. It is basically to keep track of the dog and make sure that you have no problems.

Today it was really nice weather when i was out. I thought I could ask Ushi to find “Diamonds” (our corner shop) just to see what would happen, but she just walked on. When i told her to find the shop though she got it grand.

I also worked out a way of getting out of our local co opp! When you come out of the co opp, you go down some steps but then it’s kind of hard to find your kerb going out as it is layed out like a car park. My dad suggested going right as soon as i came down the steps instead of doing a forward. That was much easier and i found my kerb, then went left until i found the zebra crossing to take me back home! So that was good.

I hope tomorrow will be a nice day. Much better than the snow we’re supposed to get later this month. Can we say noooo?


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