This Time Last Year…Qualification!

I’ve been qualified
For Exactly one year!
I can’t really believe it to be honest.

I remember being asked if i had “somewhere to hang my harness” when i went to give it back to the instructors as we aren’t allowed to keep our harnesses until we qualify. I didn’t know what they were talking about though until they told me that i had qualified. I didn’t believe it all and panicked later that day because i put my harness on Ushi as I wanted to show my little brother what the harness did. I thought it would cause lots of problems because i didn’t work her but when i texted my instructor she just said that the only difference was that i had a “harness in my house” and that nothing was different than before.

I also remember how scared i was doing my little block route as there were these little yappy dogs and i thought they were coming towards me. I wouldn’t do that walk for ages because i was so worried, but my instructor always told me that “confidence breathed confidence” in that if you were confident the dog would be too.

I don’t mind those dogs now but the dog in the next house really gets ushi’s interest so i have to really shout at her to get her going.

Today consisted with a walk first, then I gave her her kong which she had a good wine at, but did eventually get the bits of food out. We then went with my rehab worker for a talk about guide dogs. It was another talk to a group of elderly people who had recently lost their sight. Ushi got a little winey but i’m guessing it was because there were people in a small room and she wanted attention. At the end of the talk, I asked if anyone wanted to pet Ushi and that was when she got all her attention. I ended up tying her lead to my chair throughout so that she could stretch out.

We then went off to a little coffee shop and Ushi went to grab something off the floor and i corrected her. One of the staff was like “oh…can she not have anything? I was going to make her a sausage!”. I just said that that would encourage her to look on the streets for food.

We went home shortly after that.

I’ve got a busy day tomorrow and saturday too. I promise that Saturday should be the last of the recaps for a while. I’ll probably do the Derry post separately from the recap for tomorrow. But i think Ushi enjoyed her day!


2 Comments on “This Time Last Year…Qualification!”

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Torie,Don't worry, I make the same mistakes with Troy! I often tell him "leave it" when I find that he's doing something different when I feel as if his harness is giving me the "I'm distracted!" signals. Ah, occasionally I get deceived when poor Troy isn't distracted at all, but could be urgently taking me away from a pothole or is doing something else to keep me away from something he finds dangerous! I always praise him though when I find that he's done the right thing after all.If you find yourself getting frustrated at Ushi when you aren't realising that she's avoiding something, maybe praise her afterwards and then repeat it again as if it were a working error, but use some exciteable voice tones to show her that you just want her to show you what she did so you know for next time. Lol just don't get over-excited yourself or Ushi might make a mistake!Besides that I'm glad you're still qualified! And don't you hate that when people try to direct the dog? One of my friends tries to urge me across streets sometimes when she knows very well that Troy must stop at all curbs! She has a brother with a guide dog, I know her and her brother very well, so she's got no excuses.Take care and kiss Ushi for me! Sounds like her and Troy would be best pals if they met. They'd bloody well get into everything! ZProblem is that Troy would come back home with some bad habits… Oh well. Dogs will be dogs. I truthfully hate having to be still explaining this concept to people, since some of them still think that Troy is a living robot.Xoxo Michelle

  2. Torie says:

    Hey Michelle! I wondered where you had got too as you don't seem to have a blog any more.I am glad we are still qualified too. Let's hope for many more happy years!I hope troy is well. Xxx.

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