This Time Last Year…The Problems Start

I must start by saying that i had a sick girl last night. She had just come in from her last spend of the night when about 10 minutes later she was sick. This is the second time since i’ve had her that she has been sick. I thought she was grand after that but this morning she was sick again. I didn’t think breakfast would be a good idea though so didn’t feed her. I know that was probably bad of me but i thought it might help her stomach if she had nothing in it.

Thankfully she hasn’t been sick the rest of the day, and I fed her her dinner and it has so far stayed down. She’s not quite her self, but she did want to play earlier so that’s a good sign.

I think she might have eaten something when she was outside last night. (Mum thinks it was a slug). There wasn’t any grass in it at all so god knows what it was.

Anyway onto the main post. They say that it can take a good 6 months to a year for a new guide dog owner to work out all the “Kinks” in their relationship. Unfortunately the instructors can’t warn you about the
That might occur or when they will happen. (If they did tell you everything I think some guide dog owners might decide there and then to throw in the towel!). I’m guessing that the instructors don’t know because they only work with the dog for a short time.

I thought i had done something terrible. Over here guide dogs are taught to sit at down kerbs and steps. I’m not really sure why this is. Ushi just would not sit at all. I figured that because i had been the only one working her that i had done something to make her not sit at them.

Thankfully my instructor reassured me and said that we could let ushi stand at her kerbs as long as she waited. So Now I get her to stand at her kerbs but do have to tell her to “wait” sometimes because she anticipates what direction we are going.

I also had a complete weirdo who claimed that i was hurting ushi when i was correcting her. (Over here we use a “half check” collar which when you correct you basically chuck back on the lead and release it immediately. This is sort of like a little squeeze around her neck to let her know that what she is doing isn’t right. It never hurts the dog. It would only hurt the dog if you kept it pulled back). Anyway this dude thought I was hurting Ushi which i would never do. Of course that got me panicking in case he called Guide dogs. He never did though.

Little did i know that not sitting at her kerbs would only be the start of her little problems. In a couple of days i’ll talk about a problem that i thought was much worse.

In other news…

On Monday Ushi just didn’t seem to be on the ball. We were coming back from my quilting course and she walked all over the shopping centre where we do it and walked me into a couple of things. We always go out a certain way so don’t know what was up with her. Yesterday she was much better but I didn’t work her today.

If she is well tomorrow i’ll take her with me to sell christmas cards at a fold for elderly people. I’ll probably not work her but just take her along. Normally i will work her beforehand but think we’ll just chill. If she is sick again i won’t take her.

I don’t think it was anything serious since she was only sick those two times. Let’s hope for a better night! She is much more lively so think whatever it was is out of her system. Thank god!


2 Comments on “This Time Last Year…The Problems Start”

  1. Sorry to harp on the pooping and scooping, but lead potty breaks are usually used to keep the dogs from eating things they shouldn't when outside. LOL Not that I'm saying it can't happen because God only knows what Glacier has eaten in his lifetime, but it definitely helps. Hope she is feeling better.

  2. Torie says:

    Thankfully she is much better. She wasn't sick last night or this morning and is back to her normal self. I didn't work her today just to be safe but tomorrow normal work should resume.The main reasons why i let her go down on her own is that it stops me standing in something, and our garden is enclosed so why shouldn't she go on her own? I don't mean that in a bad way. I just figured it would be better especially since she comes up now on her own and i don't have to go and get her. She normally doesn't eat anything but she sometimes goes on a grass eating spree usually with no problems. If she is taking longer than usual though i will go and see what the craic is.Take care, and i hope my comment wasn't too harsh. Xx.

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