Blogger’s Done It Again

Thanks to
For updating me on the situation.

For the past month or so,
Has been making some changes to its new editor. The current edditor is great because we can use it, but apparently even sighted people don’t like it. I think in the middle of November they will start to switch and the “opt out” link will only be available for a short time afterwards.

I’ve decided to create a
Word press blog
Just to have a little experiment in case i have to move my blog. To be honest it’s very hard and frustrating at the minute. Maybe that’s because i’m tired. I even found blogger hard at the start.

Do any of you use word press and any tips for someone going from the nice cool blogger to word press? I’m not gonna move my entries yet though.

Please help a very frustrated blogger! I’m just annoyed. Even normal links code doesn’t work Grrrrr!


2 Comments on “Blogger’s Done It Again”

  1. cmlhe says:

    I know, it's horrible!I've also been thinking about moving to wordpress, but I'm not shure…

  2. Michelle says:

    I used WordPress because I had trouble starting a Google account. But eventually I got it working a few weeks ago with the help of one of my friends. I won't use Blogger still, but because I'm used to WordPress, I haven't bothered to change. Some of the WordPress stuff, like the theme editor and the widgets, are hard to edit, impossible if you can't see. So I've stuck to a very basic theme which I can find my way around without needing to make changes with sighted help.I suppose it's more what you're used to, and I guess every blog site is hard to use at the start. So if you do move over to WordPress because of Blogger or whatever other reason, maybe you'll find some things easier and other things harder to work with. After that it's a matter of deciding the pros and cons of each site and then making a final decision of what you will cope with best.

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