This Time Last Year…An Unwelcome Gift

I would first like to wish everyone a happy Halloween. I hope that all animals aren’t too terrified by the fireworks.

This time last year, Ushi decided to
Drop her load
In one of our shopping centres. I wanted to just crawl away into a whole and never come out again! I think the only reason she did it was that she had held it in all day.

Thankfully she has only done it twice. Once was in the shopping centre, and another time was when i took her to my grannies house for her to meet her pet dog since we were considering taking her. The only other time she will indicate needing to go is if we are walking past open water like the sea or a very open river. So I always tell whoever is guiding me that we might need a stop. She usually comes to a dead stop so i know that she is probably needing to go. I’ve still got no idea why she does it though when we are near open water. It’s not a problem though as i know that she may need to so usually find grass near the sea or that to let her go.

I always give her an opportunity before a walk. Sometimes she won’t go in the morning, so i will bring a bag just in case, but i haven’t needed to use it yet. Mostly she is good and doesn’t try to hold onto it. If we are away somewhere i usually take her after about 4 hours.

I’m so glad that she is in a reliable shedule now!

My next post is Ushi’s first photo opportunity!

Oh and about an hour ago, Ushi ran down the stairs to say hi to the trick or treaters!

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