That’s Me For A Year

Today I had an aftercare visit from Guide dogs. This is to make sure me and Ushi are still working well and to make sure we don’t have any issues or anything. My last aftercare was
Back in April
(When we qualify we are visited in a couple of weeks after qualification, then it is at 6 weeks, then 3 months, 6 months, then each year after that unless we have a problem.

For some reason i was a little nervous of this upcoming visit. I was kind of expecting a lecture about Ushi’s weight or something.

I decided to work Ushi first before we had our aftercare visit. Unfortunately I crossed a little early at one of my crossings, and we ended up totally lost. I asked a kind woman what the problem was and thankfully she pointed me in the right direction. I’m just glad she didn’t decide to do it when we had aftercare.

On the way home i heard these kids shouting for someone (I think it was their dog as Ushi quickened up her step and i heard a woman saying “She’ll come back”) so that kind of panicked me a bit, but no dog came which was good. One little kid even asked me if i was okay! So I don’t know what had happened.

We had a bit of a chill time before my instructor came. She decided that she would ring me beforehand, and then she would walk behind me but far enough so that Ushi couldn’t see her. Normally she would travel in her car but she wasn’t sure where I was going, so followed on foot.

We had only some ocasional issues on our walk, but they were things like being a bit hesitant at some of her kerbs, but i just gently hold the lead in my right hand and encourage her forward. We had a sniff too, and at one point she decided to slow way down, but apart from that, she was grand! I was surprised since she tends to be a bit of a madam when she knows it’s aftercare.

My instructor says we’re working well which is good. She says that Ushi has quite a high tail and that she looks happy. She said that she noticed that Ushi tended to anticipate where we were going when we were crossing a road, and would ever so slightly veer in that direction. While nothing major, she says that I can just step up on her a bit more so that she can’t do it and that it is me who makes the decisions, not her. She asked how her social behavior and that was and i said it was all grand.

She then wanted to see Ushi’s health book which is the book that we take to the vets that has a record of her health and enables guide dogs to pay for our vet bills. I was a little nervous about this. I said that i had changed her food from 150 grams in the morning to just 100. She still gets 150 in the evening. She said not to go lower than 100 as Ushi would start to scavenge around the house for food. She says that if i can’t get the extra weight off, they might have to think about switching her food. We both agree that that would be a last resort, as i like how she is spending and how she is clean on walks at the minute. (She is on Royal Cannin Maxi sensible). It sounds awful posh for dog food!

That was basically all that was talked about. Apart from that Ushi’s “optimum weight” has been upped from 29 Kilos to 30 Kilos. (The optimum weight is the weight that guide dogs feels their dogs should be at depending on the size of the dog). I think they are a bit strict on the dogs weights, but that’s for another time.

The next time i will get a visit from an instructor is in a years’ time unless i need anything. I’m a bit sad at this, but it is good that we are having no issues and don’t need as regular input. I like to know i’m doing things right though. If i have any problems, i can just lift the phone and there will be someone there if i have any issues.

I was quite pleased with how today went. I had nothing to be nervous about!

Oh and
In my Last post
I’ve got some updated news and a petition. I’ll post that tomorrow maybe. I don’t want to bombard you with posts lol!

3 Comments on “That’s Me For A Year”

  1. Sounds like you guys did very well. Good for you.Have you ever asked why they are so strict on the dog's weight? There are a lot of reasons for it and I am sure if they were to give you an explanation then it would make more sense to you. Leader Dogs for the Blind will remove a dog if it is over weight due to the consequences of working an over weight dog. This is a new practice and I whole heartedly agree with it.

  2. Jen says:

    I'm always nervous when I have aftercare, I think that's normal enough. Great that it went so well. Well done both of you.

  3. Torie says:

    I think the weight is because of the weight related issues, but i think that if they are slightly over it it shouldn't be sucha big deal. It is recommended that the dogs are kept within their optimum weight. I think that as long as they aren't fat and you can still feel their ribs and all then an extra couple Kilos should be okay.I just get so paranoid about her weight if it goes over as our dogs can be taken off us if they are obese. If you don't do anything to cut them down, they can be taken awayfor a diet or else if you still don't do anything the dog is taken off you permanently.Xxx.

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