Sorry To Be A Scruge

I was debating this post and i’ll probably get lots of comments telling me that I am a scruge but i don’t really care. I guess i am a bit of a scruge this year.

I’m finding that i’m just not in the whole christmas thing this year. I think it’s just all the crowds, people thinking the world will end and everywhere you go there is the same christmas music playing. There has even been mentions from some people on Facebook since the start of November!

Our family have never been one of those families who invite or visit every man and his cat, and i am glad of that. There isn’t anything wrong with visiting/having people over for christmas before people start getting annoyed.

Nothing particularly bad has happened to not get me in the mood, but i deffinetly think the older you get the less exciting it gets.

Yes i will enjoy getting presents and such but to be honest i’m not looking for that much this year. I have thought of a few things and have got most of them already. I’ll write what i get later though.

I really hate to say it but it just feels like another day this year. I honestly don’t know what the hype is.

Before i go on any more and start repeating myself, i’ll leave you and wish you all a happy christmas. I hope you enjoy whatever you do. I will try to enjoy it and i’ll have my two younger brothers to hopefully help me get into the christmas spirit. I’m also glad o say that i’ve looked at the weather and apparently it is to be quite warm tomorrow.

Sorry to spoil anyones mood. I’m listening to
Team FM
Where there will be an interview shortly with
About winning
Glor Tire
So head on over right now and

Sorry for being a scruge!


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