2011: A Year In Review part 3

I’ll really have to rush this if i’m going to get these next two parts in before tonight.


In July, I finally met up with
And OJ. We had a fantastic time but unfortunately coming home we had an incident with the trains that has made Ushi a little nervous of them so she tends to rush off and on. The last time i met Jeniffer was when she
Did an interview with me about reading
Back in 2007! Little did i know that 5 years later i would have a guide dog and we would have become friends!

I reflected on
Meeting Ushi
And what had changed a year later.

I had some
Awesome service
At a restaurant and would go back there with Ushi. It’s nice when for example your menu is read out to you.

I baught a
For Ushi. It is a great job and i find that i don’t have to groom her as much after i use it.

We decided to visit
For a day. I found it very loud and busy. We didn’t really know where to go but apparently there was more than just shopping that we could have visited if we had known where to go. The river Liffy didn’t seem too nice either as it smelled a bit as you walked past it.


In August I
Celebrated my 21st birthday
Along with my sister. I got some awesome presents. Unfortunately my little brother broke his leg. Now though he doesn’t even have a limp, but tells everyone he meets what happened.

The woman who teaches me the quilting, took me to a
Donkey Sanctuary
To see some donkeys which are used to help disabled children with riding and is an alternative to horses.

I took part in a
Sponsored walk and picnic
Run by Angel eyes northern ireland. I didn’t know if i could take part because i wasn’t sure if we would be allowed to because of the guide dog agreement we have to sign on qualification.

We went over to
For the day, but discovered that it wasn’t what we thought. Maybe if we had more time we could have gone more places. I would love to go over again to visit ushi’s puppywalker.

I talked about all the preparations
I would need to do
Before we went, but i made it sound as if i needed to do alot more.

I took part in
The official talking busses
Pilot scheme which ran until October. (The last i heard was that guide dogs would take its findings to the minister for transport).

I attended a
Bark in the park
Event ran by the dogs trust and had a great time.


In September, I celebrated
A year with Ushi
Every time i think about that fact all i can say is Wow! I still feel as if i have just qualified!

I discussed the myth that sighted people have of blind people
Needing to feel faces
Which they don’t. Ewww.

I took part in
A guide dogs pub quiz
Organised by our fundraising branch.

The final part will be coming later. I haven’t included all the entries as there as just too many!


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