2011: A Year In Review Part 4

This is the final part of my review of 2011, you’ll be glad to know!


In October, I
Talked about how blogger
Was considering changing its editor. I still don’t know when the change will take effect, but if you are
Thinking of moving blogs
Then check out my blog post on changing to wordpress.

I attended the
80th birthday bash
For guide dogs at Stormont, and the
At the city hall.

I was worried about going away on a weekend and
Having to pick up
After Ushi as i thought it would be so disgusting. Thankfully
It was easier than i thought

Finally for October, I attended
An exhibition
Put on for visually impaired. I got an audio CD and put all the tracks up using
Audio Boo


In November I attended
Our fundraising branches meal
To thank all the volunteers for their hard work throughout the year.

I attended
A christmas fair
At a primary school which was great fun.

I had my
Last aftercare visit
Until next year. I kind of feel sad in a way as i always enjoyed having aftercare to know how i was doing. I know that if i need anything they are at the other end of a phone.

I finally wrote about how one probably shouldn’t
Compare voluntary experiences
But that it was only natural.


We’re finally at December! It feels like this has taken ages! Anyway…I first of all asked you to vote for
As he was singing in a compitition. It all must have paid off because
He won!

I reviewed the awesome
Musher’s secret
Paw wax.

I talked about
How i just wasn’t in the christmas spirit
But i did enjoy
Christmas day itself

That basically brings us up to the
Review part 1,
part two
Part three

It’s now 5 past 12, so welcome to 2012! That just sounds weird writing that. It just feels like any other day to me. I was asked the other day what i hope to get out of 2012, and to be honest, i just don’t know. I don’t know at all what the year will bring. I’ll probably be just truckin along as usual. All i can do is hope that it will be a good year, and that i discover more places to go with Ushi. I know i’ve mentioned wanting to learn how to travel independently in the past, but i am determined to have this happen this year. I feel though that we’ve sort of hit a plateau in that we did all our “firsts” last year. I guess i’ll just have to wait and see what happens. I hope we have no more dog attacks and that we continue to grow in our relationship.

I hope to get into the computers again but don’t know how yet.

I would love to not be worrying about other dogs, but can’t promise anything. I wish i could free run ushi on my own but i like the company of knowing another person is with me in case anything bad does happen.

I hope this blog isn’t just about guide dog stuff and that i find something else to write about!

I hope i don’t get bored of talking to different groups of people about guide dogs and my experiences.

I hope i remain friends with everyone and that i make new friends along the way.

I can’t think of anything else to add, to hopefully you all have a happy healthy new year. I can’t wait to read your blogs in the coming year.

I’d better go, but i hope 2012 is a good one!


3 Comments on “2011: A Year In Review Part 4”

  1. Nell says:

    it sounds like you had a busy year I hope 2012 is really good for you I can't wait to read your blog in 2012 either.

  2. Jen says:

    Happy new year Torie. I hope 2012 is a brilliant one!You've probably done a lot of things for the first time with Ushi but it doesn't mean there aren't more things to do and new things to experience. Do things in small steps and watch how independent you'll have become by this time next year. You can do it! 🙂

  3. Torie says:

    Thanks. I really can't wait to start learning how to use the busses. I think the busses would be better for now as i want to get ushi used to trains again since she is still a little nervous.Take care, and i hope 2012 is a good year too! Xxx.

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