Is It Wrong?

I’m not sure if i have mentioned, but i have two older brothers in england. One is 24 and has a baby and the other one is 22. The 22 year old sometimes comes home but has been recently going through a tough time so decided last week to come home and sort himself out.

Yes it’s great that he is coming home but he can be a little chalenging at times. He is quite an independent kind of guy and does what he wants. That’s not to say that he has been braught up that way because he has rules like everyone else, but he just has that very independent personality.

He likes to go out quite alot and gets bored quite easily. Before he went over to england, he used to have turtles but we ended up looking after them. He braught a rabbit home one day for my 8 year old brother, but again he didn’t look after it.

When he was in England he decided to get a staffy type dog. I think it was crossed with something else. The very first owner had been conditioned to fight and was regularly put on a tredmill. The next owner apparently spoiled it and it had no boundaries. Then my brother got her.

He said that the dog didn’t know how to play and would have bitten rather than played. When Ushi plays if she gets excited you’ll sometimes feel her teeth but she gets told no and she would never actually hold on. It’s more like the edge of her teeth hits your finger but she will usually stop playing and go to her bed even before she is corrected so she knows she isn’t supposed to do it. But apparently my brothers dog didn’t just get excited and did bite.

he said he “was going to take her to classes” but the person who ran the class was related to his ex girlfriend or something. (There are other classes are there not?). Anyway the dog had to be rehomed because the new flat he was living in didn’t allow pets.

Tonight he was telling us all this and said “i’d really like a bulldog”. Was it wrong that my heart sank a little? Yes i’m going to get flack because it’s not the dog who is bad it’s the owner, but anything i’ve read about bulldogs (mainly Pitbulls i must admit) is that they are bread for fighting. I found out
Some more information
And while they are quite affectionate apparently they can have that agressive instinct towards other dogs.

Maybe i’m just thinking that my brother won’t look after the dog, but i’m not willing to have ushi’s work potentially effected. We already have ushi and ash so would it be fair to have another dog in the house?

He seems to be respecting the rules so far with regards to Ushi but would he look after a dog full time? If he did get a pitbull, for instance, he would
Have to go to court
Under the new Northern ireland dog law to apply for a licence and meet certain conditions. Is it wrong that i am hoping this puts him off? I’m not saying that no one can get a dog because i have Ushi, but i think Ushi takes priority.

I’m just hoping that he has some common sense and doesn’t go through with it.

Here’s hoping that he thinks before he gets it and just doesn’t bring it home one day.


3 Comments on “Is It Wrong?”

  1. It depends on what kind of "Bull dog" he wants; Pit Bulls are not the only kind of dog that belongs to the "bull" breed. If he decides to get a dog, then perhaps you can set boundaries with your dog and his. I.E., they do not play. Both dogs have to be on leash when in the same room Etc.

  2. Jen says:

    I didn't know you were an auntie!There's no reason why it couldn't work out, as long as the dogs have boundries, the new one is brought up correctly in the right environment, exercised, challenged enough etc so that it doesn't get bored and this affects Ushi. I don't know your brother so can't comment on how its all likely to turn out, but it could all work if its done tthe right way.Good luck! x

  3. Torie says:

    Thanks for your help. I think writing it out helped. It might never happen but i think i would rather be prepared for the chance rather than sitting there until it happened.I know if he does get it from a kennel, for instance, then they would be able to recommend what type of dog he got etc.I just have to hope that he is sensible and will cross the bridge if and when it happens. It hasn't been mentioned at all today so perhaps it was just chat.Sorry for kind of making assumptions on that breed.Take care, and lets hope that when it does happen it will all work out. I don't want to be the bad guy again though like Sally. Xxx.

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