I’m A Bad Sport

Competitor Badge for the Mango Minster Compitition 2012

Hi. In case anyone is new here, my name is Ushi and i’m taking over mums blog. I haven’t been on here in such a long time and heard about this awesome competition that I am allowed to enter. I’ll have to have words with mum as to why i am in the “Bad sports” catagory though.

So anyway as i told you, my name is Ushi. I am a 2 and 3 quarter year old Labrador retriever cross. My birthday is in February so i am nearly 3, but lets not be picky. I am mums guide dog. (Could i be entered into the “working stiffs” category instead?).

I don’t think i’m gonna get changed into “working stiffs” so i may as well explain why i’m a “Bad sport”.

I am quite a stubborn little girl when i want to be. If i don’t want to do something, i’m gonna make sure mum knows. Like for instance when mum first got me i was working fine but then after about a month, i decided to just stop one day. Just came to a total stop. Of course that got mum all worried in case she had done something wrong so she phoned our guide dog association and the instructors who taught us to work together told mum to be more positive. So i played along for a few days until i decided to do it again. She had to get someone else out from the association and again i worked for a few days after that. I was then evil and would hardly let mum take me out of the house. The manager for our team from the association said that i was just getting bored and that she just needed to be more firm with me. I didn’t like that so i was a good girl and didn’t stop…as much. Plus i heard her say that she would give me back and i certainly didn’t want that. If i do stop now there really isn’t much point because mum just tells me to “get on with it” and i don’t get told i’m a good girl.

If mum is getting ready to work me sometimes she just takes far too long so i have to go back to bed. I love my bed quite alot and would love to sleep all day. Mum always makes me work though. I do like working but can a girl not enjoy her beauty sleep too?

I’m really evil and sometimes like to play a game called “find the Ushi”. This is basically where once i’ve came in from my busies in the garden (that’s a ladylike term for going to the toilet, by the way), and mum goes to put my harness on, i’ll walk as quietly on our carpet as possible. She then goes to reach for me, and i’m not there. It’s really funny to do but i eventually get caught. Plus she could grab my tail which just wouldn’t be cool.

I’m not really a fan of water. Mum says i must have forgotten that i’m a lab lol. If it is raining, I will walk about two miles an hour to see if we’ll go home. We never do though unfortunately. One day i even tried to go behind mums legs but that just didn’t work either. But sometimes if i have to busy and it’s pouring, i’ll stiffen up so mum kind of has to push my bum until i move then she closes the door until i’ve gone. She doesn’t push hard in case you all think she is cruel.

Finally there is my whining at certain foods. When i am fed i have to wait until mum blows a whistle three times before i can eat. I wait a little longer though until she puts it away and sits down. If i am given a carrot, Dental stick, kong or dog chew, i have to whine just to make sure they won’t attack me. Once i am satisified i can eat whatever it happens to be, i’ll tuck in. Sometimes i think carrots are toys and just play with them. Oh and i will not touch unpeeled carrots and will run away if you give one to me.

I guess looking at all that i am a bit of a “bad sport”, but don’t let mum know i told you.

This has been my entry for the
Mango Minster 2012 competition
For anyone else wishing to enter,
Here are the rules

Thanks for reading! Ushi x.


9 Comments on “I’m A Bad Sport”

  1. Mango says:

    Well, I am not sure you are very bad because after all, you and mom have a partnership. That means that sometimes you get your way, right? But I guess given your job that you have higher standards than regular dogs. That is hard and I think being a bad sport sometimes is just fine in my book.Slobbers,Mango

  2. Torie says:

    Hello Mango. I am quite good at my job but i do like to be a bit of a minx sometimes. It's fun and i have to keep mum on her toes! It was raining this morning so i had my princess paws on. Do you know how horrible water is?So i guess "bad sport" can be justified although i reckon i fit much better into the working stiff category lol.Take care, xxx.

  3. Maggie Mae says:

    Ushi,Great entry into the Bad Sports category of Mango MInster. My name is Max, so nice to meet you. My sister, Maggie Mae is the Bad Sports judge in the contest and with your entry, you have just made her job more difficult, good for you. Your Buddy,Max Your Buddy,Max

  4. Maggie Mae says:

    Oops, sorry about signing my name twice in the first comment, my typist hasn't had enough coffee this morning so her proof reading skills are still a bit fuzzy.Max

  5. An interesting conundrum: a guide dog who is a bad sport. You may be on to something here, Ushi. None of that fawning, johnny on the spot nonsense for you. We think you are using your bad sport technique to improve your mum's skills and mental agility. Which makes you a very clever guide dog. Good entry! And good luck in the contest.Jed & Abby

  6. Torie says:

    Hi Max, Maggy May, Jed and Abbey. Have i forgotten anyone? No don't think so.I'm glad you think that my entry is a good one. I've emailed Mango and told her that i must bug mum to keep checking the blog to make sure we don't miss anything.Mum says i'm nowhere as bad as i was because i don't stop as much, but i still do like to sneak a sniff and play "find ushi" lol.If i was good all the time wouldn't life be boring?Take care, and good luck to all the other entries. Xxx.

  7. ArtemisiaFSS says:

    Hi Ushi, we are not sure if you are being bad or just mischievous. It sounds as if you have to work very hard as a guide dog.

  8. 2browndawgs says:

    Haha we think there might be a little Chessie in you. Good luck to you!the brown dawgs

  9. Torie says:

    Hi Brown dogs. What is a chessie? Lol.Xxx.

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