Pet Blood Bank UK

I was reading the
Sponsor a puppy
Blog from guide dogs, and they write about other things guide dog related too. I came across a very interesting charity they had written about called
Pet blood bank UK
Which is basically like a blood donation service for dogs. It would be quite useful and i’d say it would be okay for a guide dog to enter, but i would always check with your particular organisation if this is okay to do.

The website even has a “blood bank locator” where you can type in your postcode and then you can see which clinics do it. I don’t think that Northern Ireland does it since when i typed in my postcode Glasgo was the farthest away :(. There is even a section on
What happens at a session
And where your blood goes. I really would love to take blood from Ushi but our vets don’t seem to do it.

I think this is a great idea! If you can have human blood banks why not have one for dogs?

You can also follow Pet blood bank UK on Twitter, facebook and Youtube. It’s a great idea though!


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