An Ode To Jane

I’ve decided that today will probably be the last day of my
Qulting course
Mainly because i don’t have anything else i need the woman to teach me and because the
Bed covers
Can be done at home. So i thought i’d writhow much i appreciate her since i’d get all emotional if i said it directly. I’ve baught her a little candle to show my appreciation for her too. I don’t normally use names, but i’ll probably only mention her name once. Here goes:

Dear Jane

Thank you so much for teaching me over this last year. First of all thank you for willing to let me try the quilting even though i am blind. Other sewinshops thought it would be too complicated but you said why not give it a go. I think you were a little nervous about teaching a person how to sew but you didn’t show it.

I liked how you improvised and braught a roll of masking tape along to help me stitch along. You were really thinking and it wasn’t to look good.

When I said that straight lines were boring you went with the flow and let me follow my stitches.

You let me experiment and didn’t criticise me. You let me prick my finger without rushing to get a plaster or to not allow me to sew because i pricked my finger.

You totally understood when i said that i would get a bag to carry my sewing stuff in since it would be hard to work a dog and carry a bag in my hand.

When i kept knotting the thread, you kept untangling it for me and didn’t care how much thread i wasted. You even got me thread that i could feel as the normal thread was too thin. Was it egyptian cotton i wonder that i use? I’m not sure. You even gave me wool to see if that worked.

You braught different needles until we found the right one for me to work with.

You let me sew little beeds then moving onto bigger ones. You didn’t mind that i liked the smaller ones!

When you explained how to tie a knot in the end of my thread you were incredibly patient until i got it.

When i couldn’t thread my needle you went and got me a packet of needle threaders. I couldn’t sew without them now! When the needle threaders broke you didn’t care and kept letting me work.

You described colours to me and weren’t afraid to use normal words like look and see.

You were patient when i took ages to stitch something.

If there were roadworks, or it was too windy or if it was snowing, you came and got me and didn’t mind having Ushi in your car.

You didn’t have a dog but you were and are extremely kind to Ushi scratching her ears and just loving her company. You didn’t mind if you went home covered in dog hair or got licked a million times.

When Ushi was attacked you checked her over thoroughly and even offered to drive me home if i needed it going home.

If there were obsticles you always acompanied me and Ushi until Ushi was able to get past them.

You didn’t mind at the very start how unsettled Ushi was.

If i slept in, you didn’t mind at all and always told me to “chill”. (I was panicking!).

You always had something to tell me whether about your family or stitching.

When you were explaining a stitch you always let me find my own way of doing it.

If we did a stitch wrong, we just took it out and started off again.

You even baught three cheap pairs of jeans from a charity shop for me to make ushi’s bed cover. You didn’t think it was silly or anything when i came to you with the idea.

You were always taking an interest in what i was doing and how i was getting on.

You even took me to an exhibition because you had heard it was for blind people and wondered why it hadn’t been more advertised.

You are even going to a concert next week with me but i’ll write more on that later this week.

When you guided me you were a total pro at it and it had been like you had done it for years.

You understood right from the start that Ushi couldn’t have any human food.

You always explained things in detail.

When you saw me outside of our time together you talked to me.

You are an amazing woman and i thank you so so much for letting me try to quilt and succeeding. I really hope you don’t think it is anything personal as to why i am leaving, and hopefully we can stay in contact.

Take care and thank you again.


A very contented woman and guide dog.

I know that was longer than i had planned but who cares.

In other news

My sister is going to be going to belfast on her own and is staying at my Uncles house. It is going to be very strange not having her around because i am normally the social butterfly. I hope i don’t get emotional or anything when she comes back though. She’ll only be gone for a day. I’m glad she is getting the confidence to be more social but i will deffinetly miss her company especially as we share a room. I’m sure it had to happen sometime though and if i can be a social butterfly why can’t she? I hope she enjoys herself, and i hope i find something to occupy my time. Everyone else will still be there in the house though. I’ll just notice it more since i spend alot of my time up here in my bedroom with her.

I’m off to bed now but just thought i’d write that beforehand.


One Comment on “An Ode To Jane”

  1. starwalnut says:

    BS"DCongratulations that you have reached your goals! It sounds like Jane is a fabulous and understanding woman, I am glad that you have been able to work with her. I guess you both have learnt from each other.Oh, *LOL* I am also the most social when it comes to me and my twin sister. I made our friendships when we were small. *LOL*LeSholom,Nadja

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