In The Paper

Last month, our branch organiser for the Guide dogs branch wanted to have an article about guide dogs in our local paper since they have promoted lots of events for us, and plus one of the women from the branch works at the paper. So we finally agreed that it would be today.

I was planning to walk down and meet the branch organiser, but it was raining so i decided to get a lift down with her because we were getting photos taken and i didn’t fancy a wet dog.

When we got out of the car I was just getting guided to the place, and because we were horrible and walked on the dry side of the pavement, Ushi kept going across us to get into a dry shop. She tried to enter the optitions, the post office, and a caffe before we got to the Guardian office. Boy was it pokey! There was barely enough room for us!

When we got in, there was me, my friend with her dog Della, the person from the branch who worked there, another branch member (who apparently shouldn’t have been there but the woman who worked at the Guardian said that she could come), a reporter, a photographer, and an editor. So it was very cramped. Of course Ushi and Della had to say their hellos while the branch organiser answered some questions. Lots of pictures were taken when the branch organiser was talking and lots of Ushi and Della.

The other guide dog owner from the branch was going to come, but she couldn’t make it. Just as well as i don’t think there would be room!

We then each got asked some questions about what a guide dog means to us, and what they were like. I said that it took 6 months to a year to develop the full bond and that they like to test their owners. I also said that she didn’t like the rain lol.

We talked about if you see a guide dog owner with the handle down, come up and ask if they are okay. We said about us making the decision to cross the road and that you should always ask before petting a guide dog.

I got to play with my friends Iphone after we asked questions and it seemed quite easy to use. Only did a couple of things on it. So maybe one day i will get one lol.

We headed up the street to what we call “the band stand” which is basically where you can sit and sometimes there are people who preech there too. Thankfully it had dried off a bit by this time. The photographer wanted a picture of the dogs working, so i walked towards the branch organisers voice and then stopped when i got to her. My friend then did the same but the extra person who came along decided that she would guide her as my friend was holding the harness! We then got us two together and the dogs having a mad play. They were in their harnesses but we were just standing there and it meant that they weren’t working. I guess the urge must have been too strong for them lol.

The reporter said how good it was that they were just being dogs.

So hopefully it will be in this weeks or next weeks paper. I hope i will be given permission to post it here. They are emailing a copy to the branch organiser for her to post which is good. At least they won’t publish anything wrong i hope! Aparently we could get a full page which is great!

It was a great 45 minutes roughly. I was a bit nervous but had no need to be!

I’ll post it when i get permission and when it comes out.

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