I decided to go on Thursday up to my Uncles house with Ushi and my sister.

Ever since my uncle read the article that was in the paper a couple of weeks ago, he has wanted to meet Ushi. I wasn’t sure about it though since he isn’t really a dog person, but we met up just for the day. He said he loved her and thought she was great. I then got a text that night saying about how he loved seeing ushi and he said he had baught me a bowl for her so i didn’t have to carry it if i ever went to stay with him.

My sister is doing a course up in Belfast every week so she suggested i come up the next time she was going up. So on Thursday I decided that we would come up.

I thought that we would use the ramp onboard the trains to get on them to make it easier for us. I wasn’t sure though if a guide dog owner could use them but decided to ask anyway. It was no problem and the conductor got it out for us. Of course Ushi decided she didn’t like it and would not go near it at all. I think because it was metal but she kept going towards the steps of the train. I don’t know if this means she is getting more confident or what, but i thought she would use it no problem. I kind of felt like i was wasting the conductors time though.

Normally i don’t work Ushi when we are in Belfast because i don’t know where i am going and because it is so busy, but i asked my sister and she directed me. It was great seeing how Ushi worked in such a busy environment. She was brillian and not a paw wrong!

We got the bus up to my uncles first because we didn’t need to be in town until after 1 o’clock.

As soon as we got to the house, Ushi started bouncing around. My uncle had put his bins at one side of his garden for Ushi so she could spend without me having to put her on the lead. I thought this was very nice. I was a little worried about her going since there is no grass but there were weeds so Ushi had no problem going.

When we went into town I worked Ushi again. I thought it might be ignorant, and maybe i was showing off, but i thought it would be good to work her. My uncle understood and didn’t mind at all. I decided to meet my friend, then i met my uncle again afterwards.

While i was waiting for my uncle there was this woman who was talking to me about Ushi. She then said “I see alot of blind people with sticks but i think they should have dogs.” I said that sometimes people don’t want a dog but she seemed determined that she knew best and nobody who was blind shouldn’t have a dog. She was about to say something to me with the word “see” in it and she nearly walked away when she said it! I said it was okay and i managed to get her to finish the conversation. I promise i won’t explode if you say any sighted words. Nor will i explode if you say the dreaded b word.

When my uncle arrived we went to Argus because he was getting me an air bed to sleep on. As i was walking, a man asked me if he could pet my dog. I clearly had the harness up and was walking along. I just said that she was working. When i said that, I got a “is she?” No she isn’t, i’m just walking for the fun of it! I suppose it was good he asked though.

We headed back to my uncles house after that.

Unfortunately when i went to feed Ushi later on, she only ate a little of her food because the bowl my uncle got wasn’t as big as her own so she couldn’t move the food around in it. I was a little disappointed and didn’t think that a bowl could be so important! So i had to put the food on the floor for her to eat, and at one point had to practically hand feed her!

My uncle has kindly offered to buy her another one though since she didn’t like that one.

Ushi spent alot of her time following my uncle, and licking his hands when he sat down. My uncle has psoriasis so his skin would be pretty bad.

On Friday we just went to the co opp but not into town so it was a chilled day.

I was going to go home on Friday but decided to go home yesterday. It was a good job I braught extra food as i hadn’t decided that i would stay until the last minute.

Me and Ushi will deffinetly be going up again. I’m so glad that my uncle and Ushi had such a good time. I think my uncle enjoyed it more than Ushi. I hope the next time she won’t decide not to eat!

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