The Waterstones Mother And Toddler Group

Every Monday morning, our local Waterstones bookshop holds a mother and toddler group. It is just in the kids section of the store and only lasts an hour. I was invited along to this one by the lady E i mentioned in yesterdays entry.

Me and Ushi arrived nice and early so that we would get settled before the big mad rush. I braught the kids some stickers which said things like “i love guide dogs” and “i’m a guide dog hero” or something. I also braught a copy of the braille alphabet for waterstones to keep.

All the kids loved Ushi. One little boy got a shock and burst into tears when he came over and Ushi planted a great big kiss on his face. He was grand after that though. I don’t think he was expecting it that was all.

One little boy told us all about how he had 4 chickens called granda, George, Peppa, and Wallie. His dog was called Dibbles.

The books E read were: I love dogs, That’s not my puppy, Another one i can’t remember, and “No!”. (I thought when she said No that she was shouting at one of the kids lol! Thankfully she wasn’t.

Once again i’d like to thank E for inviting me. I only wish it had been longer!

Waterstones had a really good deal on. For each child who came, they got a token off a book as long as they spent it the day the group was run they would get money off a book. I thought the group was really good as it encouraged reading, plus the kids got to colour in while the story was being read. I think any kids could just come along.

So another good morning!


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