The ADBC-Sorry

As some of you may know, there is a carnival for all assistance dog bloggers hosted every three months. A person picks a theme and then people write posts for it. You can find out more about it

I had planned to host the July edition. I had even thought of a theme and planned it all out in my head. I would have a note pad of who and what posts were under which catigry.

Unfortunately i don’t think i will be able to take part. I could probably at a push, but life has got really busy lately. Nothing bad, but i would hate to commit to anything and not be able to follow through.

So i’m throwing open the spot.

I’m sorry i wasn’t able to do it. Maybe at a later date. But the spot is free to a good home.


One Comment on “The ADBC-Sorry”

  1. Aw go on! Sure there isn’t that much work when you’ve got your idea already. The work only comes really at the end when everyone has submitted their posts surely?

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