Surfing For The Belfast Telegraph

On Wednesday i got a call from guide dogs saying that the
Belfast Telegraph
Wanted to do a piece about the surfing
I took part in in July. So i said i would go down but that i would need a driver. (I wish i didn’t have to ask them but they are there to help us i suppose). I had texted our branch organiser saying i wasn’t sure whither to bring Ushi but that i would love to. I then got a text from my volunteer driver saying she’d love to take Ushi a walk as i surfed. So that was sorted! Ushi was coming after all.

So at about a quarter to 10 we hit the road. We had arrived early so we took Ushi for a quick run on the beach before we were to get suited up in our wetsuits. She loved it. I braught her Goughnut too and she played with it for a while before getting bored. She sniffed some seaweed before a wave came up behind her and quickly made her drop it lol. We headed up to the boardwalk again after that to get our wetsuits.

I am pleased to say there are now new changing rooms for people, which are much bigger than the last ones when i was first down there. The wetsuit was still its huge awkward self but we eventually got it on. I would have thought Ushi might find the suit a bit strange but she could have cared less about it. She did however lick my foot as i was putting on my wetsuit boots lol.

We were then ready to head back down to the beach. We tried to get Ushi to stand on a board on the sand, but she was having none of it, prefering to jump over it. She then had a great roll around the sand and started kicking it up. She even kicked me out of the way at one point lol as if to say this is my photo.

I would have expected her to come out and rescue me when i went in to surf, but the volunteer driver who was going to take her for a walk just let her run about, and she apparently sat watching me for a while, before lying down. She apparently had a really disgusting look on her face as if to say “what are you doing in that wet? Come here and be with me on dry land”.

The surf was great, and i found myself not being as nervous as i was before. I’m glad to say the waves weren’t as big as the last time so they didn’t go over my head. I don’t like the feeling when that happens.

There was one point where the photographer wanted all three of us on the board (two instructors and me). I thought it was alright for him to say that when he is on the shore, he wasn’t out on the board! We managed to get squeezed in though, but when we were out the lens on his camera stopped working!

When we arrived back at the beach, Ushi didn’t even come to greet us, rather we had to greet her! We had to get a photo of us in about ankle deep water which Ushi wasn’t a fan of. One photo of me with my arm resting on the board, i had to hold my arm round Ushi as she wanted to lie down but the photographer wanted her to sit.

It was then up to get changed.

We had a spot of lunch before we left, and then headed for home.

On the way, we called into the volunteer drivers house as she wanted to let me and Ushi meet her Elk hound. He was away for a walk, so we got to meet Pippa the jack russle instead. Ushi didn’t know what to make of her. I think she thought she was a wind up toy! She then wanted to go into the volunteers house lol.

I would like to thank the volunteer driver, and the folks at Long line surf school for today. Remember to look out for the Belfast telegraph over the next couple of days.


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