Meet Marlie

On Friday mum announced that she had found someone who was giving away a black labrador. I wasn’t too keen on this since mum has a habbit of just seeing the cuteness and then when it comes to the responsibility of a dog, it was us who had to do it. This has been what has happened to our other dogs. So i said to her that she would have to look after it.

When i suggested that i went along to make sure Ushi and the dog got on, she seemed very reluctant. I said that i needed to make sure they were okay rather than it coming all the way here for it to be sent back again. So eventually she agreed.

So this morning mums friend came to collect me, mum, my youngest brother and Ushi. We were heading up to Belfast to get the dog.

When we got there, mums friend went in to check if we could bring Ushi in before we all came in. I first asked if i could let Ushi out to pee so that if there was any excitement there wouldn’t be any little mishaps. While Ushi was out, Marlie came and lay at my feet for a belly rub. When Ushi came back in, i asked if she could be off her lead and the owner said yes. Well Ushi teared around the house, and ran up the stairs, and back down again to play with Marlie. Tails were wagging away so we figured that all was well.

Marlie is a two year old black labrador. Mum thinks there is colly in her too. She is about half the size of Ushi. She is in great condition. She has little short ears, and a big bushy waggy tail! Ushi’s tail is a gentle wag but Marlie’s is really fast and hard! She had pups about a month or so ago. The owner didn’t even know she had had pups, and came down one morning to blood, and thought he had rats! He then saw 5 little bundles. She was very quiet about giving birth and did it all herself. The owners wife was pregnant with her fifth child, so couldn’t cope with the dog as well. She is in great condition, and is fully house trained. We will have to get her latest vaxcinations, worming tablet, frontline and spaying. Mum is getting her microchipped tomorrow, and getting her licenced too. She is going to be spayed after christmas.

The only down side is that she is on wet food. It’s called Winalod or something. Mum is gradually going to introduce dry food with her wet food as she doesn’t really like her on the wet stuff.

Marlie and Ushi were very good travelling in the car together. Marlie did keep looking out the window which Ushi wasn’t too impressed with since she was trying to sleep! She did get a bit panty near the end, but apart from that she was grand. When we filled up Marlie’s waterbowl Ushi decided to empty it before poor Marlie could get a drink! She has never drunk out of that bowl and doesn’t drink her water if it is downstairs. We then let Marlie out for a pee, and Ushi kind of looked at her as if to say “You peed in my garden!”.

They have been getting on great. Ushi has put Marlie in her place though because she wanted to play and Ushi didn’t! So we had a wee growl but she was still wagging away. She did get a bit jealous when Marlie got a nylabone and a new toy!

I have been paying her loads of attention just so she doesn’t feel like she is being left out or anything. She seems to have accepted this grand. I’m sure the jealousy will subside soon enough. She is exhausted though the poor girl.

Already Marlie is looking for Ushi when she needs to pee, and won’t actually go out unless Ushi is there! Whenever people are eating, she’ll take herself out to the hall, and when the front door is opened she’ll just stand there and not even attempt to go out or anything. She is just a great wee bundle.

Here is a picture to finish off. I’m glad they get on so well!
This is little Marlie.

One Comment on “Meet Marlie”

  1. Waw, your so lucky! She sounds great. Ushi will probably love having her around.

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