Adventures With The Nokia C6

Normally i keep a phone until it dies, but i’ve had my old phone which was a nokia e65 for nearly two years now. It still works, although the battery doesn’t last as long as it used to. I was getting kind of bored of it, but didn’t know what phone i should get. I wasn’t really too keen on the iphone, although it does intreague me. I really love my buttons though, but the last time i went looking the iphone was just about my only option. Or a blackberry but they crash a lot.

I asked my old maths mentor what he would recommend, and it just so happened that he was selling a phone because he had got the iphone. He said it was a touch screen but it had a qwerty keyboard. He was selling it with a full version of talks. He said the buttons were easy to feel and it wouldn’t take me long to get used to them. I mulled it over for a while, before deciding to bite the bullet. I then thought “i should really keep this old phone” but then another part wanted something new!

So on Friday the phone came. My sister put the sim in, and then couldn’t figure out how to do anything with it. She wasn’t sure if i could use it so i was very disheartened. So i sent a “help!” email to the guy, and he rang me a few minutes later. He said that it was easy to work and when he came off the phone all i’d have to do was press the button in between the call button and the hang up button. (These are the only 3 buttons on the screen itself). So i hit that twice and i had a menu! I then could slide the screen away to reveal the qwerty keyboard. I could then arrow down with the arrow keys you find on most nokia phones. I first of all slowed talks and ajusted the volume. Next it was time to text. Oh my god was it tricky! I kept making loads of mistakes, and had to have talks saying letters and words as i had no idea what i was doing. I think that was the hardest part about the whole phone. I’ve now been able to send loads of text messages, go on the internet, add contacts and a whole host of other lovely things. The internet is quite fast but is a killer on the battery. For some reason some of the apps don’t work with talks, like the facebook one which just sits there, and the help file doesn’t read. I’ve even changed talks to only words now and i’m mostly okay. I still have to type with two hands though.

You don’t need to use the touch screen that often and you have to press it quite hard when you do. You only have to use it for exiting things and the options key. You can also use it for the reply and that kind of buttons or else you can go into the options using the touch screen. It vibrates when you do use it though so that’s good. The speaker is excellent on it. You can even add contacts that you use most to your home screen.

I don’t like the size of the usb cable that came with it as it’s tiney! I love when the battery is charged it’ll say “charging complete” then when you take it out it says “unplug charger to save energy”. I wish the internet wasn’t so hard on the battery though. I thought i’d never get used to typing but i have. Part of me thinks that i only got it to stop texting as much, but i’ve sent loads of texts and i didn’t really text that much anyway.

So all in all i’m glad i got this phone, and i’m glad it wasn’t fully touch screened! I don’t know how i’d have managed that one. I can’t turn on the alarm though for the calendar which is a bit annoying. I’m keeping my e65 just as a back up though.

I deffinetly think it’s a great alternative to the iphone! It gets you used to the touch screen without having to buy an iphone.

Here’s hoping that i don’t get bored of this one!

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