Rip Marlie Girlie

In my last post i wrote about how we thought Marlie was improving, or so we thought.

Mum went up on Tuesday to collect the tablets Marlie was being put on to help get rid of the infection. She was getting slightly stronger day by day and even barked when people came to the door which she hadn’t been doing. She was eating slightly more too, but was sick yesterday. Mum said it was just the tablets. She seemed grand until i was heading home from belfast on the bus and i got a text saying she’d died. I don’t know what happened other than she went down hill. I’ve tried to ask but can’t get much out of mum at the moment.

I guess her little body couldn’t cope any more. The antibiotics must have just staved off the infection to give her a few days with us. She was just so weak though. Her teat had even started to kind of come away to reveal new flesh. It could have even been hiding in her and the antibiotics weakened the infection just a little.

So run free little Marlie. You’ll never have to be pregnant again, or bred to have god knows how many litters before those two by your previous owners. I dread to think how many litters you could have had. I’m just so glad it happened now that your pups don’t need you. They’ll be well looked after and are thriving. You did so well with them. I just hope your other owners can sleep easy in their beds. After all, “it was a shame marlie had two litters in the last year” they said. And “you can sell them for £50”. So sorry you were such a young dog too. Rip little one. You were such a wee fighter.

4 Comments on “Rip Marlie Girlie”

  1. Dexter says:

    Oh how sad, but she was surrounded by love and I’m sure she knew it. Run free, sweet girl.

    Mango Momma

  2. Torie says:

    I’m sure she did, and she took care of her 10 babies even when she was seriously ill before we braught her up to the vets. She still wanted to feed them bless her. I dread to think how many other litters her previous owners made her have the poor little girl. Xxx.

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