Guide Dog Of The Year…Again

Last year i was nominated for the young persons achievement award of the Guide dog of the year awards. These awards are not just for guide dog owners but for their dogs too. Last year i hadn’t got through but did get a special commendation award and got taken out to lunch with our district team. I was quite surprised to hear that i had been nominated yet again for the same catigry.

I didn’t expect to get through, but i got a call on Wednesday saying that i will be going to london on the 11th December. Normally the awards are held in July but this year they are making it in to a fundraising effort with a galla dinner as well. There are apparently celebrities coming too which is brilliant. We’re going to the Hilton of all places. I can’t wait to be honest and it still hasn’t sunk in. Me going to London! Wow!

I’ll keep you posted when i get more details but i wanted to let you know what the craic was.

I can’t wait!

2 Comments on “Guide Dog Of The Year…Again”

  1. BS”D
    Congratulations Torie and Ushi! ❤ I'm very proud of you Girls! You really inspired me to finally apply for my own furry friend which I've dreamt of since I was very Little. I'm so glad that we can inspire each other and that we're a 'family' even if we never have met! Good luck and don't forget to tell us Everything!

    • Torie says:

      Yeah we are all like a big furry family :). No matter where you are someone somewhere can offer you some kind of support. They can rejoyce in your good times, or be an ear in the bad times. xxxx


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