Park Run NI Get People Active

I really have neglected this blog. I just think that people will find it boring since i don’t think i have many readers now. Oh well.

A few weeks ago i went to an event run by an organisation called
Park run
Which is where people can go for a run in local parks. It’s all over the world and it’s not a race but you just go to beat your own personal time. It’s every Saturday morning from half 9 to half 10. The guys at park run ni had asked guide dogs if they could provide guides to get more blind and partially sighted people out and about. The launch of this was on the 12th October at the mary peters track. We could either run or just walk depending on what we fancied. I’ve never really been a fan of running myself and as my dad would say “you only run when you’re being chased”. So i was really glad when we were able to walk. One of the options we could have done. One was where we could just walk round the track or the other was where we could go round the toe path around the track. We decided to walk the toepath as that meant we could take the dogs with us. We must have done at least a 2 mile walk possibley longer. The weather was crisp but nice.

The guides were top class i must say. They were happy for us to work the dogs or be guided but they told us all the things we would need to know. We had lunch and tea afterwards.

It was a great day and i’m glad we went. I was going to write about starting Yoga but i’ll do that after this post as it’s long enough as it is. I will tell you though that it was talked about at the park run. I am so glad that park run are offering this service to help people get more active who have a visual impairment.


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