The End Of The Grit Plus Programme

Yesterday was the last day of the Grit plus program i had taken part in with
Opportunity youth
After the residential there was an 8 week mentoring programme which was designed to tackle any issues you may have had or just to help you fill in cvs and stuff which was what i did. I am going to be starting an essential skills maths course in September which will be good.

It was a great programme and i would recommend it to any young person especially those who are visually impaired. The staff are friendly and they will try to accomidate you all they can. Even though i was skepticle at first, i’m glad i found out more information rather than going on what i first read. I would do it all again if i could.

If anyone is interested in possibley taking part, and you are 16 to 24 and not in education or employed, send me a message on facebook and i’ll gladly pass on your details to one of the youth workers.

Thank you to Mairead and the team. I forgot to mention you get a qualification at the end of the Grit programme so it’s worth doing.

It was deffinetly a great experience and i’m glad i did it.

Thank you again guys :).