Belfast City Marathon 2014 9 Mile Walk

I’m probably mad, but i have decided to enter the Belfast city marathon. I’m not doing the full marathon though. As my dad says, “only run when
you’re being chased”. Instead, i’m doing the 9 mile walk. I haven’t done anything like this before, and i’m still hmming and haing. It’s too late though
as i’ve already registered.

I’m doing the walk for
<a href=
angeleyes Northern Ireland
Which i’ve mentioned before. I figured that since they are a small charity and i believe support in the early days of a blind or partially sighted childs
life is vital. I am so greatful that my parents got the right support for me so that’s another reason why i am running, or walking, for angel eyes.

If anyone wants to register for their own charity, you can go to
The belfast city marathon page
It costs £24 to register and you have until the 5th April.

I didn’t want to turn this in to a begging post, bit if you fancy sponsoring me, you can go to
“>My just giving page
You can even text any aamount you want. Just text all caps BMCM51 to 70070.

I’ll be greatful for any amount, or even some company.

Thank you for supporting me or sharing or whatever. Sorry this is becoming a begging post though but i really do appreciate anything that you can give.