Feel Happy

I have been asked to do a blog for
Living Paintings
I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll just blog about what living paintings is, and how i heard about it.

I think my parents first heard of living paintings through my social worker. Living paintings is a charity who provide blind and partially sighted children with books. They have braille and print and the pictures are raised. They are on Thermothorm plastic. I think it’s not just a case of heating plastic, i think there is far more too it. The pictures are then described in detail.

I was a very impatient child. The thermothorm would tell you to feel all over the picture. So I did. My hands were away down the picture until I came across something interesting, before the tape had told me what the first thing was that I needed to look at.

I remember the first book i read. I think it was called Rosies walk, about a wee chicken who went for a walk. I remember having the book sprawled out over a wooden chair and the tape beside me. Mum and i would go through the book together.

When i was about 9, i became an edditor for the charity. This involved me getting a book before it was due to come out. I had to comment on the descriptions of the pictures and i had to say if there were any mistakes. I remember finding it quite boring, but mum said that i used to get very annoyed if my sister wanted to help me with it.

As well as doing childrens books, the charity also did packs for schools. I think i brought in a book about the normans if i remember correctly.

I remember being particualarly fond of a particular picture in a book once. I think it was just ros of books all raised up, but i could be wrong. Mum had written to Living paintings explaining how much i loved this picture. They sent me a spare copy of the picture which i put up on my bedroom door for years.

Living Paintings also do a range of adult books, ranging on art to fashion for teenagers. They have also moved from 4 cassette tapes, to cds.

Living paintings is a great charity, and it brings pictures alive for blind and partially sighted people. The “Feel happy” library for children still goes on today. I am so glad i found out about this. Thank you Living paintings :).

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