Better Late Than Never For The 9 Mile walk

I’m a terrible blogger. I’m only getting round to writing my post about how the belfast city marathon actually went. Between not having any motivation, and not knowing how to put it all in to words and having other things to do, i’ve been rather slacking. So sorry it’s late but here it is anyway.

I met my guide at central station at about 20 to 9 that day. We walked in to the city centre to the city hall from there. Already the crowds were starting to build and the roads were starting to close to traffic. It was so strange being able to walk across the roads without anything on them.

When we got to the city hall, the streets were litterally lined with thousands of people. There was music being played too. The main marathon runners went first, followed by the fun runners, followed by us walkers and finally the wheelchair crowd went after us. I wasn’t sure what to expect at all.

I did the walk with Ushi and i must say she worked it brilliantly. I really wasn’t sure how she’d take it not because she wasn’t fit enough, but because it was so crowded. We had to walk on the road at some points because it was so busy with spectators, and initially Ushi tried to get up on the kerb again, but she was okay walking on the road for a little while. We got straight up on the pavement after and stayed on it for as long as possible. Unfortunately there were times when there were slower walkers in front of us. Ushi kind of started tailgating, and pushing peoples legs ever so slightly lol. I didn’t even know she was doing it but she did it ever so subtle so that i wouldn’t notice. It made me giggle a bit. The two people who were guiding me were like “You might want to move ushi out a bit” and when i asked them why they explained what Ushi was doing lol.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too good, but we just put on our coats and got on with it. When we were travelling along the sydinham bypass though Ushi became black because all the dirt kept splashing up at us. My legs were covered. Ushi’s harness was disgusting.

There were different people cheering us at different points too. I thought they were just randomers lol. We finished in just under three hours i think but i didn’t get an official time. We finished in ormo park. There were different stalls and that but we just went home as one of the parents from Angel eyes needed to get back to Limavady. When we stopped though we really noticed the cold. It was quite chilly.

I really enjoyed the day even though it rained and we didn’t get our time. The medals we got were brilliant. They had all the people taking part for the different groups and it feels lovely. It is very tactile. The only other bad thing was i got an extra large tshirt because they had ran out of large or medium.

I would like to thank Sara and Michelle from Angel eyes for walking with me, but most of all i would like to thank Ushi. I couldn’t fault her at all. When you think about it she had a lot to contend with. Way above what she was used to. But she handled it beautifully. She wasn’t stressed at all and i made sure to give her water when we stopped. I would deffinetly do it again with Ushi next year. I would never do a full 26 miles with her no way. But an 8 mile walk to her is wee buns.

I would also like to thank everyone who has donated so far. My page will remain open for another months. If you would still like to donate, please either go to
my just giving page
Or text all caps no spaces BMCM51 to 70070. Any amount is appreciated.

Bring on next year, i say.